A Burst Pipe Can Lead to Much Bigger Things

After the floods of ‘the wettest December on record’, Britain is now expected to enter a cold snap, with freezing weather coming from the Arctic and bringing the usual disruption that comes with this in the UK.

In our experience, one of the largest sources of property damage insurance claims during freezing weather is ‘escape of water’ which, in general, can mean problems caused by frozen pipes, burst pipes or leaks. Now, this doesn’t sound like a massive job – unless it’s something that you’ve experienced personally – however, an escape of water can be just the tip of the iceberg.

We have found that an escape of water can lead to all kinds of devastation within a home or business, up to and including structural integrity – which as you can imagine can be a big job!

It is important to keep your home protected during extreme wintery conditions. If you spot that one of your pipes may be frozen, it is vital to act on it. Turn off your stop tap which may be located under your sink or in an airing cupboard. Slowly start to thaw the pipes out by using a hairdryer on the low setting or a towel soaked in warm water.

If the pipe bursts turn off the mains water supply immediately to stop more water entering the water pipes.

Below is a customer’s testimonial following a burst pipe incident:


Following a burst pipe and subsequent flood at his home, Stephen called Aspray and found the support to be fantastic.

If you experience a burst pipe or any other form of property damage, Aspray have national reach with local loss assessors to help you 24/7! Your local Aspray loss assessor will manage the claims process from inception to completion, to secure a fair settlement for you with your insurer and repair your home to its previous condition.

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