Sincere Thanks to Stephen of Aspray Wolverhampton

I want to express my sincere thanks to Stephen, of Aspray Wolverhampton, for introducing me to the excellent service provided Aspray.

I met Stephen at a BNI networking group a few months ago, when I was starting a claim on my household insurance policy for damage done to my home by a leak in my bathroom. You may say that’s the best place in the home to have a leak. To my eyes, damage was caused just to the toilet cistern and one of the fitted bathroom cabinets. Replacement of these was what I was claiming for, at a cost of a few hundred pounds.

Stephen educated me to potential hidden damage. I invited Aspray to assess. Their specialist equipment revealed extensive damp throughout the bathroom floor, heavily in a tiled wall, and extending beyond the bathroom into other areas. The leak had been of long duration. If this damp was not removed by proper dehumidification, significant further damage would become apparent in years to come. Aspray conducted the whole insurance claim on my behalf, doing everything, after detailed assessment claiming approximately £3,500.

Aspray held them my insurance company to account, and the outcome was a full settlement covering all required work. Aspray make all the arrangements and supervise the work needed.

If you or anyone you know has to make an insurance claim, you will be well advised by Aspray.

Mr. Hobbs – Shropshire

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