One in Five Home Insurance Claims Rejected

Rejected Claim - One in Five Home Insurance Claims Rejected

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) one in five (21 per cent) of home insurance claims in 2013/14 were turned down, in contrast to just one in every 100 motor insurance claims were unsuccessful.

According to the ABI, the main reasons for the rejection of home insurance claims in 2013/14 were; Wear and tear damage caused by policyholders failing to maintain their home, claims value being lower than the excess and claimants not having the necessary cover as many policyholders made claims for accidental damage when it is not covered in their insurance policy.

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How can you help prevent your Insurance Claim being Rejected?

As these statistics show, it is not uncommon for a claim to be rejected, but by considering the following things when taking out your policy, your claims process could be much more straight forward.

  • House material– It is important to accurately describe the building materials of your home.
  • Empty property– You should not leave your property unoccupied for longer than the insurance policy states.
  • Safety– Ensure that any safety features listed in your policy e.g. smoke detectors.
  • Maintenance– Whether you have a leaking roof or overflowing gutters, you may not be aware that wear and tear or lack of maintenance isn’t covered by home insurance. You should keep your home well maintained to ensure that the insurer cannot put the damage down as wear and tear.
  • Valuables– It is essential to state any valuables in your home that are worth more than the amount set on the insurance policy.
  • Speak the truth– Be honest about having had past insurance refused or having made claims, answer any questions truthfully.
  • Don’t leave a gap when switching providers– Allowing your insurance to lapse or renewing late is a huge risk. If you are uncertain of the time of damage or loss or whether it happened in a gap between switching insurers, claims can be turned down.

You may well think you are fully covered in the event of a claim however policyholders can get caught out. Making a property insurance claim is stressful enough without the thought of rejection, so it vital to get your insurance in order before the worst happens. If you ever have to make a property damage insurance claim, call Aspray on 0800 077 6705, for us to help you experience a less stressful claims process.

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