DEALING with an insurance claim following damage to their property could be a very stressful time for a policyholder.

Claim manager Martin Grindrod: Aspray Blackpool and Lancaster
Martin Grindrod: Aspray Blackpool and Lancaster

Contacting tradesmen for repair quotes and ensuring the insurance company is satisfied with all steps taken during the claim process can take its toll and have an emotional impact.

Property Damage Insurance Claim: a Helping Hand

Aspray manages buildings insurance claims from the initial phone call to restoring the property to its pre-loss condition – all while aiming to always work in the best interests of the policyholder.

By appointing an Aspray loss assessor such as Martin Grindrod, the policyholder can focus on the important aspects of their life.

Martin gained a vast amount of experience negotiating with insurance companies during his previous role as a solicitor, specialising in road transport law and handling bus and coach accident claims.

Since joining Aspray 18 months ago, Martin has successfully overseen several property reinstatements.

He said: “I’ve been involved in a whole range of claims from small escapes of water in a policyholder’s home, to those in large commercial properties – and everything in between! I am currently managing several fire, storm and impact damage claims, too.”

Advantages of Appointing Aspray to Handle your Claim

Martin points out what he believes are the advantages of appointing Aspray to handle a claim: “The services we offer allow the appointed representative to manage the claim on the client’s behalf. It means the policyholder is able to carry on with their daily life. They don’t need to spend hours on the phone with the insurance company coming to an agreement with them. It also means the policyholder does not need to gain several quotes from different contractors.”

Martin’s day begins at 5.30am when he heads off to one of several network meeting he attends each week.

Then, it’s off to appointments with either existing clients or potential new policyholders, who are keen to utilise Aspray’s services.

Martin said: “When a claim concludes, you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing you have assisted a policyholder come to a successful conclusion regarding their claim.”

He added: “It is very rewarding at the end of each completion when a policyholder signs a satisfaction note and leaves an excellent review. At the completion of each job we always ask the policyholder to complete a satisfaction note and when you receive 5 stars it means a lot.”

Basement Property Flood Damage Claim

One recent claim was for flood damage caused to a basement in Blackpool, Lancashire, after a water mains pipe burst.

Claim for flood damage, Property Damage Insurance Claim, Blackpool, Lancashire
Flood Damage in Blackpool, Lancashire

Martin explained: “This involved negotiating with the insurance company, breaking down the work into two separate sections, creating a schedule of works for the drying and stripping out, and a further scope of works for the restoration schedule. The restoration of this particular job has gone smoothly and I have a feeling of satisfaction from getting the policyholder the result they deserve.”

Renewing an Existing Buildings Insurance Policy?

And what would Martin’s advice be to anyone looking to renew an existing buildings insurance policy?

“To buy their policy through an insurance broker. The insurance broker will ensure you receive the correct cover, whether this is for a commercial policy or domestic policy. The broker will also check the level of insurance cover needed and, therefore, you are much less likely to come across issues such as underinsurance.”

Aspray specialise in handling property damage insurance claims, working on behalf of the policyholder at point of claim.

If you have experienced damage to your property and would like to find out if Aspray could help, please call 0800 077 6705 to speak with a member of our claims team or alternatively complete your details here to request a callback.

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