Darwen-based property claims management expert
Aspray Limited, is riding a wave of success, having been nominated for two top
industry accolades in April, as well as winning a third award.

The dynamic loss-assessing business, which helps
residential and commercial property owners manage their property insurance claim,
either from day one or when the claim is proving difficult to settle to the
policyholder’s satisfaction, has received important third-party endorsement for
its service from Insurance Times Magazine, Claims Media and Wealth &
Finance International.

Wealth and Finance International 'UK Best in Business for Building Insurance Claims Management'
Winner 2019!

It is shortlisted in the Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards; ‘Third Party Claims Management Team of the Year’ category and shortlisted for Loss Assessor of the Year in the British Claims Awards.  For the second year running, it has won Wealth and Finance International’s ‘UK Best in Business for Building Insurance Claims Management.’

Awards Recognition

Aspray Finalist - Insurance Claims Excellence Awards

Such recognition distinguishes the service
Aspray offers from that of the claims chasers that proliferate today.  Aspray’s service is based upon becoming the
policyholder’s voice in negotiations with their insurer and, in most cases, the
insurer’s representative – the loss adjuster. 
An Aspray loss assessor fights to try to gain the policyholder their
legal entitlement from the policy they have bought, resisting any attempt to
reduce the cost of the claim, if this would not provide a satisfactory and just
settlement for the insured client.

Most importantly, this service from Aspray is
not based on commission or fees to be paid by the policyholder.  If they are happy to instruct Aspray to
manage the claim, or resolve it, if already underway, and allow Aspray’s vetted
contractors to carry out the repairs and property reinstatement work, they pay
nothing to Aspray at all. The only expense the policyholder has to pay is the
excess on the policy that they agreed with their insurer, which they would have
to pay whether Aspray were appointed as their loss assessor or not.

There are huge benefits to this service.  The policyholder does not have to devote time
to their claim, make calls to their insurer, or be at the property to oversee
anything.  They do not have to manage
contractors, get quotes for repairs, or try to assess whether a suggested
approach to a repair is the right one.  They have the peace of mind of knowing they
will not have repairs carried out by an inexperienced or incompetent
tradesperson and they typically have their claim settled, and property
repaired, faster than if they tried to handle things alone.

Commissioned Research

Despite this, Aspray’s own commissioned
research shows that 48% of British consumers admit they do not know the
difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor.  Additionally, 53% think only the policyholder
can manage a claim relating to their damaged property and one-in-five (21%)
think you can appoint someone else, but only if you pay that third-party

Andrea Loasby, Aspray Director

“We are delighted by our April award and short listings.  Awards are very important to Aspray, as they confirm our credibility in the consumer’s eyes and allow us to stand apart from ambulance-chasers and claims companies wanting commission on claims payouts.

Our service put thousands of people, across the country, back on their feet after their home or commercial premises have suffered damage, be that from a fire, flood, escape of water, oil leakage, vehicle impact, vandalism or something such as malicious damage by a tenant.  The Aspray service gains a 93% total satisfaction rate across all types of property claims scenario and across all claims handled nationwide. In a field that is full of customer stress and upset, as it is never easy to cope with property damage, that is phenomenal.  It speaks volumes about our customer focus and professionalism.”

Aspray Director, Andrea Loasby ‘Woman of Influence’

Aspray also won a national Landlord Investment Show award in autumn last year, being adjudged to offer the ‘Best Product for Landlords’.  More information about the high-flying business can be found at www.aspray.com.

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