Loss Assessor could help.

Torrential rain and flooding in North West England has recently brought misery to the door of many homeowners and businesses, but some are better equipped to cope with the resulting losses to property and possessions than others, simply because they know the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor.

Loss Adjuster or Loss Assessor?

The two job titles sound remarkably similar, but the roles are polar opposites. When you’ve suffered the shock and upset of a major impact to your property, it’s easy to mix them up. It pays not to do so.

The loss adjuster may stand on your insurer’s side of the fence. Should you have to make a significant home insurance claim, or call upon your business building and contents insurance policy, they will arrange to view the damage. Think of them ‘adjudicating’ your claim; it may remind you that they will examine it critically.

During their adjudication, they will often seek to adjust your claim – the figure you may have in mind – downwards. Their aim will be to minimise costs, by not necessarily replacing, repairing or restoring your property and possessions as you would wish. Loss Adjusters will not necessarily use tradesmen you feel you can trust. They are paid by your insurer and so their impartiality in looking at your claim can be questionable. They may pick holes in it.

A loss assessor is likely to see things differently and enters the scenario only if you take up your right to appoint them. There are many benefits if you do.

A loss assessor, in modern day speak, ‘has your back’. They step in and pro-actively handle your claim with your best interests in mind. With a loss assessor like Aspray, you don’t have to pay for the service, if you allow them to appoint their own vetted and professional sub-contractors to do the reinstatement or repair works, these are contractors that they work with all year round.

Why use a Loss Assessor?

Using a loss assessor can restore the balance of power of the claims process, giving you a voice. The experienced professional takes the burden off your shoulders, creates the best case scenario for you in order to put your property back to its pre-loss condition, and then seeks to get your insurer to agree with their plan of action. That will be one that gets you back on your feet and back in your home or business as swiftly as possible.

At Aspray, our loss assessors have years of experience in handling claims and know the property scene inside out. They know how water damage can affect a building’s fabric, electrical wiring, and flooring. Aspray Loss Assessors also understand how soot and smoke from a fire can work its way into a property’s structure and even corrode components in equipment such as TVs and video players.

They will also ensure your claim is presented in your best interests and make sure you don’t have to compromise by moving back into a house with perhaps an odd three-piece suite, or a mismatched kitchen if your policy allows otherwise, just because you managed to move some possessions, or only had water damage to base units and not all units.

All of this matters.

Appointing Aspray means that you won’t have to try to become an insurance expert overnight, make and take numerous phone calls, or have to book days off work, just to keep meeting with your insurer’s team. It all adds up to peace of mind.

At award-winning Aspray (www.aspray.com) we are a property repair and insurance claims management company, authorised and regulated by the FCA. We have negotiated successful claims for thousands of property owners, both domestic and commercial. The way we assess claims typically leads to the outcomes our clients desire, whether that’s a cash settlement, or repair and replacement of property and goods.

Remember to aim for a just settlement, not an adjusted one, if fate deals your property a cruel blow. Please call 0800 077 6705 if you want to set that process in motion.

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