3-Bedroom Home Destroyed by Fire

When this 3-bedroom home in Northampton was destroyed by fire, Aspray Loss Assessor, Kylie, was called in to manage the building’s insurance claim and, using vetted contractors, completed the extensive reinstatement works.

Luckily, the tenant that was in the building at the time was able to escape unscathed. The worst damage was caused on the first floor of the property, affecting all three bedrooms, the bathroom, and the landing. Many of the upstairs rooms had to be stripped back to brick and the property needed to go through decontamination cleaning.  

Destroyed by Fire. Put back together by Aspray.

After gaining acceptance of liability from the insurance company, Aspray (Northampton) negotiated a settlement and began work to reinstate the property.

This wasn’t without its challenges! When it was discovered that the property contained asbestos bitumen flooring, Kylie rescoped the damage, agreeing on further works with the insurer. Not only this, but the contamination cleaning had to be repeated several times to remove a rather stubborn smell. 

With Aspray on board to keep works moving, the claim and the substantial restoration were completed in five and half months.


ASpray (Northampton) fire claim bathroom after
Aspray (northampton) fire claim hallway after

“Kylie was second to none. 10/10 for service.”



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