A leak from the flat above: Aspray manages the insurance claim

Aspray can manage your escape of water insurance claim as a result of a leak at your property.

The insurance term for a leak is an Escape of Water and is the most common property related insurance claim in the UK by far. Living in a block of flats can mean that a leak in one area of the building can ultimately end up affecting another. This was the situation this policyholder ended up in before Aspray were called in to assist.

The flat above was vacant, and the first call was to the landlord who came out to turn the water off. After, it was a case of scooping out buckets of water. A stressful situation, were the policyholder did not know what to do next. Thankfully, our Appointed Representative was on site quickly to get the claim and reinstatement process underway quickly.

Escape of Water Flat

“At the start of the process, I thought I don’t know how I’m ever going to get this done. If it were a project of mine, I would walk away!”

The policyholder was more than impressed to see how quickly the Aspray Appointed Representative was on site to get the process moving. The project seemed too big to comprehend for the policyholder, and more than appreciated Aspray’s assistance in knowing exactly what damage the leak had caused. All communications with the insurance company was handled by Aspray, removing much of the involvement from the landlord and tenant. 

The policyholder was also happy that Aspray also took care of all his belongings and personal items. These were put into storage whilst the reinstatement work commenced. Upon completion, the property looked exactly like it did before the leak. 



Escape of Water / Leak

Leak from flat above
Escape of Water Flat
Escape of Water Flat
Escape of Water Flat
Escape of Water Flat

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