Accidental Damage Caused by Excess Water

When refilling the water in a fish tank with a hosepipe, this policyholder unfortunately took a turn for the worst resulting in a flood in his conservatory.

It is thought that the water was running for around hours before it was discovered. Thankfully, the policyholder was okay, and the water was cleaned up.

However, upon lifting the vinyl floor, it was discovered that significant damage had been caused to the flooring and joists.

Troublesome Leak in Sheffield

“Did a really good job, communication was good. All work was a high standard.”

The Aspray representative for Sheffield visited the property and was able to handle the claim on behalf of the policyholder. Handling both the settlement negotiations with the insurer and the reinstatement works with the contractors, our representative handled all aspects of the claim whilst keeping the policyholders informed throughout.

Delighted with the quick turnaround and the high standard of reinstatement, the policyholder left a 5* review following the claims completion.



The Results

Works completed after a leak in reasidential property
After works completed on escape of water claim in Sheffield

Accidental damage claim caused by excess water handled by Aspray (Sheffield North)

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