Bathroom Leak causes Damage to Living Room and Kitchen

This tenanted property was affected by an escape of water after a bathroom leak caused water to run down to the ground floor, causing damage in the sitting room and kitchen.

It was discovered that a pipe to the mains under the bath had split allowing water to escape. The leak was so severe the fire brigade had to attend to turn off the water supply.

Once the pipe was fixed, Aspray (Northampton) scoped the damaged and handled the negotiations with the insurer to arrange a settlement.

escape of water in the bathroom in northampton

Fire brigade attended due to the severity of the bathroom leak and turned the water off.

Above industry standards levels of moisture were recorded within the property and a drying regime was put in place. A dehumidifier was also installed to stabilise the atmosphere and reduce the risk of biological growth.

Once the property was fully dried out, reinstatements work on the bathroom, sitting room and hallway could begin. The customer was delighted with the finish.


after escape of water, reinstatement completed by Aspray Northampton
reinstatement of kitchen completed by Aspray Northampton

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