Bathtub Leak in Northampton

A bathtub leak can cause significant damage due to being out of sight. This policyholder in Northampton didn’t suspect anything wrong until a large section of the ceiling collapsed into the bedroom below.

As the leak went unnoticed, the building materials beneath the bath began to rot and eventually gave away.

The subsequent damage affected not only the bathroom but the room below too.

Escape of Water - Work underway

…materials beneath the bath began to rot…

Before any reinstatement work could begin, the bathroom and bedroom below had to go through a drying process to ensure that all moisture related to the peril was taken away to prevent further damage in the future.

The reinstatement work consisted of installing a new bathroom floor, along with a new bath, taps and shower screen.

The downstairs bedroom needed to be fully stripped out, cleaned and sanitised due to the rotted materials and severe water damage.
The ceiling was repaired with new plasterboard, skimmed and then decorated.

Project Images

E0W - After
Before After

A bathtub leak may go unnoticed causing considerable damage

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