Boomerang Play Centre

When your business is damaged, there’s more at stake than material and contents. Boomerang play centre was created by the policyholder as a solution to providing a fun environment for children with disabilities, after the birth of her daughter 21 years ago. A leak was discovered in the roof of the property, which caused wide-spread damage across two main rooms of the play centre. Fortunately, our North Lancs representative was on hand to help get the play centre back in business.

Escape of Water - Work underway

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After closing for a year during the Covid period, the policyholder encountered further bad luck upon discovery of the leak. Fearing for the worst for her play centre, the policyholder felt overwhelmed with where to start dealing with the damage to the property. 

When Aspray were called, strip-out works began straight away. This involved removing soft cushioning surrounding the leak on the walls and the flooring. Once the property was dried thoroughly, alleviating the chances of further damage and health risks caused by mould, a specialist contractor was contacted to create the bespoke play centre cushioning and apparatus.


E0W - After
E0W - After
E0W - After


E0W - After
E0W - After

Boomerang opened up again to excited children in the local community, who have since been enjoying new features and instalments in the play centre

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