Bungalow Floor Damaged by Water Leak

When a leak occurred damaging the bungalow floor just before lockdown Loss Assessor, Perry, of Aspray (Colchester) was on hand to help.

The water caused damage to various rooms throughout the bungalow, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Flooring had to be removed and a specialist drying company was brought in to implement a drying plan.

Whilst managing the claim, asbestos was discovered within the building. Perry negotiated the removal of this with the insurer and project managed the works.

Water damage to bungalow floor

Temporary accommodation was arranged for the 90-year-old homeowner

New flooring was installed throughout the damaged rooms and decoration was completed using our vetted contractors. The property was then professionally cleaned before being handed back to the owner.


New Flooring and redecorated Living Room
Asbestos Signage in Bungalow
Wet Floor of Bungalow

Alongside reinstatement of the bungalow floor, asbestos was discovered, tested, and removed as part of the claim



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