Burst pipe in the kitchen – Aspray take the reins!

Unfortunately, this couple in Northampton were experiencing a lot of stress and discomfort on their insurance claim after they found dark marks appearing in their hallway and study. 

The claim did not seem to be progressing in the right direction after speaking to the insurer’s representative. After sourcing their own leak detection company, they were then told about Kylie Crane’s services at Aspray.

Kylie was then able to fully assess the damage to the property in its entirety and form the necessary report that could move the claim forward to begin the reinstatement works.

Troublesome Leak in Sheffield

“Aspray, and Kylie, took hold of the reins and eased all our fears”

While this couple in Northampton would certainly agree that dealing with the damage and then having contractors in and out of their home was uncomfortable, they also express their gratitude to Kylie.

Without Aspray and Kylie’s involvement, the couple would not know which road to turn down. Aspray are experts in managing buildings insurance claims and this scenario sums up what we do best. That’s the ability to prepare in-depth reports to your insurers, work alongside them, understand the necessary repair works involved and most importantly; put people at ease in what is often already a stressful situation. 



The Results

Works completed after a leak in reasidential property
After works completed on escape of water claim in Sheffield

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