Escape of Water in Maidenhead

A residential property in Maidenhead, Berkshire suffered from widespread water damage as a result of a burst pipe in the Kitchen. The leak caused damage to not only the Kitchen, but the rest of the ground floor including the living area and bathroom.

Thankfully, Aspray’s representatives in Maidenhead were on site quickly to locate the leak and initiated urgent repair work to the pipe to prevent further damage.

An escape of water peril needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, so that the moisture related to the peril has less time to penetrate core materials of the property structure.

Escape of Water - Work underway

…expert measures are also undertaken to prevent future hassle…

Material that could not be salvaged was stripped and replaced, while other areas of the property underwent a thorough drying process. Our representatives are trained in deploying industry standard drying techniques, as recommended by the BDMA, which prevents further damage from appearing later on. 

As a policyholder, you can relax knowing that not only is your claim being managed on your behalf, but expert measures are also undertaken to prevent future hassle related to the initial escape of water peril. 



Before After

One of the most important aspects of an escape of water claim is the drying process.



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