Escape of Water Nightmare for Landlord

Brining some drama to the Christmas period, the tenants in this property awoke to an escape of water nightmare. A leak, starting in the bathroom above, had come through the ceiling and flooded the sitting room.

Landlord, Jo, had dealt with insurance claims in the past and knew how tricky they could be. This time she contacted Aspray.

Loss Assessor, Bill, of Aspray (Luton) attended the property and took over the claim in its entirety, starting with taking moisture readings and implementing a drying plan.

Damage caused by escape of water

“The whole process was simple for me.”

It turned out the escape of water was caused by a crack in the flex pipe of the cold-water feed into the bathroom. Once this was fixed, Bill negotiated a settlement with the insurer for the damage the leak had caused to bathroom, living room, and connecting hallway.

The landlord was delighted with the service as she didn’t have to do a thing and was kept regularly updated on the progress. 


bathroom after reinstatement
downstairs flooring reinstated

Escape of water nightmare during the holiday period managed by Aspray Luton.



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