Flexi Pipe Leak in Swinton

In this Commercial Property in Swinton, Greater Manchester, a flexi pipe leading to the sink in the ground floor bathroom caused widespread water damage.

Aspray were quickly on the scene to locate the leak and begin the removal of damp material. Advanced drying techniques were used to completely dry out the affected area before restoration works began.

Escape of Water - Work underway

…we understand the hard work and commitment it takes to run a business…

The policyholder was particularly impressed at how well Aspray’s vetted contractors were able to create a 1:1 reinstatement of what the property looked like prior to the escape of water damage.

At Aspray, we understand the hard work and commitment it takes to run a business, and the great deal of pride involved in owning a physical store front for customers to visit. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that your business is back up and running as soon as possible, with quality reinstatement that puts your peril in distant memory. 


E0W - After
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Aspray were on the scene quickly after the water damage caused sinkage to the ground floor of this property.

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