Fire damage at Sunderland flat

A flat located in Sunderland City centre was badly damaged by fire earlier this year. Aspray’s expert support was required urgently because of the complexities involved in the fire damage insurance claim.

Sara and Ben Holmes, Aspray’s Sunderland appointed representatives, were called out to the site. An Oxygen-rich fire had devastated the building, resulting in Aspray developing a comprehensive damage report to submit to the insurance company.

Specialist contractors were deployed to clean and decontaminate the building following agreement from the insurance company. Others stripped the building back to brick before re-wiring, plastering and decorating.

Fire Damage Quayside House

A devastating start for an investor

The property was purchased by an investor from out of the Sunderland area. However, before she was able to see and visit the property, it was broken into and set ablaze. A devastating moment, that resulted in the investor not wanting to visit the property at all due to the upset caused.

She was extremely pleased to get Aspray on board early in the process. It meant that Aspray were able to handle all aspects of the insurance claim on her behalf. Ultimately, the investor was able to see the property in its former glory, as it should be, before the fire.

The Result

Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House

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