Fire damage at Sunderland flat

Earlier this year, a devastating incident of fire damage at a Sunderland Flat rocked the city centre. Highlighting the urgent need for Aspray’s specialised support due to the complexities of the resulting fire damage insurance claim.

Upon receiving the distress call, Sara and Ben Holmes, Aspray’s dedicated representatives in Sunderland, promptly made their way to the site. They encountered a scene of destruction, where an Oxygen-rich fire had left the building in ruins. In response, Aspray prepared a thorough damage report to facilitate the insurance claim process.

The path to restoration was no small feat. Initially, specialist contractors were summoned to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the property, a step that could only proceed with the insurance company’s approval. Following this essential clean-up, the restoration process moved forward, stripping the flat down to its very brickwork. Subsequently, a team of skilled professionals undertook the task of rewiring, plastering, and decorating the flat, all in a bid to restore it to its former glory.

Fire Damage Quayside House

A devastating start for an investor

This fire incident became a particularly heartbreaking ordeal for a new investor. Having recently acquired the property, she was yet to set foot in it when tragedy struck. The property was not only burgled but also set ablaze. The blow left the investor reeling from both emotional and financial distress, to the point where she felt unable to visit the property.

However, the involvement of Aspray from the outset proved to be a crucial turning point. Their proactive management of the insurance claim significantly lightened the investor’s load. Aspray’s team, known for their efficiency and dedication, managed every aspect of the claim, from the initial assessment to overseeing the restoration works. This support ensured that the investor could finally behold the property in its original splendour, a sight she had longed to see before the calamity.

Moreover, this incident serves as a poignant reminder to homeowners and landlords, not just in Sunderland but everywhere, of the inherent risks properties face from fire. It underscores the critical need for rapid and expert intervention in the aftermath of such disasters. Navigating the complexities of insurance claims and restoration work demands a level of expertise and commitment that Aspray has consistently demonstrated.


Helping with Fire Damage

Their role in managing these challenging situations goes beyond mere restoration; it embodies a commitment to restoring normalcy and peace of mind for those affected. The expertise of Aspray in dealing with fire damage at this Sunderland flat meant the investor of mind. She was able to finally visit the flat. 

In conclusion, the fire damage at Sunderland Flat serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of such disasters and the invaluable support systems like Aspray provide. Their swift action, coupled with their meticulous approach to managing insurance claims and restoration efforts, not only ensures the rehabilitation of affected properties but also significantly aids in the emotional recovery of the individuals involved.

The Result

Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House
Fire Damage Quayside House

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