Garden Wall Damaged by
Car Impact

Police had to be called when a car collided with this property’s external wall, causing considerable damage. Loss Assessor, Nathan, was called to the scene to assess the damage and, during inspection, it was discovered that there were insufficient foundations present. 

The property is surrounded by a main road with large foot traffic and a cycle lane therefore it was also important to reduce the risk of further accident or damage by implementing security fencing. 

Wall damaged due to car impact - Aspray (Sutton Coldfield)

Under Construction

Nathan undertook a lengthy negotiation period with the insurer but, once a fair settlement was agreed, contractors were quickly brought in to start the reinstatement works.

The old 25 metre wall had to be completely removed, new foundations laid, and new wall rebuilt, all which was completed within 20 days of construction beginning.


Fixed wall after car damage - side view - Aspray (Sutton Coldfield)
Fixed wall after car damage - front view 1
fixed wall with Aspray sign - after car impact damage

The new wall was built in just 20 days by Aspray's vetted subcontractors.



Business Owners

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