Kitchen Fire in Student Accommodation

There was only three weeks to go until the 5 students in this house share were due move out of their accommodation when a fire broke out in the kitchen.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the blaze.

Caused by an appliance, the fire resulted in extensive damage to the kitchen and bathroom. The remainder of the 3 storey property suffered smoke damage. 

With the new academic year looming, this claim was a race against time to reinestate the property. 

Kitchen Fire in University Student Accommodation

There was just 74 days to complete the claim.

With new students waiting to move into the property, Sara and the team at Aspray Sunderland had a looming deadline of 31st August to complete the claim and the reinstatement works. 

Sara also managed the refund of rent to the students for the time the property was uninhabitable and the loss of rent claim for the owner, totalling almost £10,000 for the 74 days. 

Reinstatement works involved completely stripping and replacing the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning and decorating the remainder of the property as well as replacing carpets and furniture. 


“I am delighted with the work both in terms of the time scale, quality of work and finish.

I have been impressed by your professionalism, your attention to detail and customer focused approach.

It was devastating to receive the call informing me of the fire. You appeared like a ‘fairy godmother’ to take the stress and worry off my shoulders and I have felt total confidence in your service.

Thank you again for your excellent work and support throughout the whole process.”

Diane H.


The Result

Kitchen fire - kitchen after the reinstatement
Kitchen fire - kitchen after the reinstatement

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