Waste Pipe Leak Caused Damage to Kitchen Floor

When this policyholder found a puddle in front of the cupboard under the sink, it led to the discovery of a leak in the waste pipe. Unfortunately, the dishwasher was on when the waste pipe detached causing a large amount of water to leak onto the laminate flooring.

Flooring, walls and skirting boards all suffered damage as a result of the water leak. 

Initially worried about dealing with the insurance company, the policyholder called Aspray to manage the claim.

Damage to laminate flooring

“The waste pipe under the sink had detached…”

A representative from Aspray (Peterborough) visited the property and fully explained the service to the policyholder. Following this, he carried out a thorough scope of the property, including taking moisture reading in case a drying out process was needed. 

He then negotiated and agreed a settlement with the insurer directly.  Once approval was gain, reinstatement works could begin, restoring the property to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. 

The policyholder was delighted with the reinstatement works, saying: “I literally haven’t had to do anything. Signed a couple of forms, all the stress has been taken away from me. All the communication with the insurance company was taken away from me.” 


The Works

Leak in the kitchen from Waste Pipe
Leak in kitchen - works in progress
Leak in the Kitchen waste pipe

“It really, really was excellent service and I couldn't recommend ”

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