Storm Eunice showed no mercy!

Urgent arrangements were needed after Storm Eunice destroyed the roof of this family home, leaving it in bits across neighbouring gardens.

Aspray (London East) made quick arrangements to make safe any further loose fixtures, mitigating any further risk and internal damage.

Once the storm had past, Aspray assessor, Satinder, was able to scope the full extent of the damage caused to the structure of the double boarded dormer bungalow and internally on the loft.

Roof destroyed by Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice ripped off this roof and disposed it in neighbouring gardens!

The full repairs extended to treating and cleansing beneath the exposed rooftop, replacement timber, insulation & boarding with new tiles and GRP fibreglass roof, soffit and fascia, and guttering replacements.

Fortunately, due to quick mitigation by Satinder, internal damage was limited to local area repairs and decoration works.



Replacing the Roof

priority protection added to roof
replaced roof

Damage was mitigated by the priority protection added to the roof.

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