Subsidence damage and a lengthy insurance claim!

Aspray can manage your subsidence insurance claim

Subsidence damage can result in a lengthy and complicated insurance claim. This homeowner and his wife had a stressful experience because of knock-backs in the process. However, when the situation became too overwhelming, a family member informed the homeowner of Aspray. 

Through Aspray’s persistence, the claim started moving again. Aspray put together a plan for reinstating the property in the next 12 months. The homeowner couldn’t have spoke highly enough about Aspray. He really did not know which way to turn!


“I just cannot thank you enough. Fantastic”

The homeowner has frequently spoken about how he doesn’t know how the Aspray appointed representative hasn’t given up. However, this situation is exactly what Aspray is all about. Caring for policyholders in a stressful situation and guiding them on a path to getting their home back to the way it was.

Subsidence is always complicated to deal with and in any case, takes months of monitoring and working with the insurance company’s loss adjuster to detect exactly the problem areas. Thankfully, there is now light at the end of the tunnel on this claim and we are proud to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that this homeowner has experienced.

If you are unlucky enough to discover subsidence at your property, and are unsure where to start, give Aspray a call! Subsidence insurance claims are always lengthy and complex, but on the other hand you will have a point of contact throughout that will keep your regularly updated.

This homeowner can feel more at ease in the next stage of the insurance claim, because Aspray is industry renown for outstanding customer service.



Subsidence damage

Works completed after a leak in reasidential property
After works completed on escape of water claim in Sheffield

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