For Christmas 2019, one of Britain’s leading and innovative loss assessing and property damage claims management companies, Aspray, has produced its own Top 20 of hits, to demonstrate how valuable its service is and why its service is nothing like that of PPI or ambulance chasing companies, despite having claims management in its name.

The songs chosen illustrate either different scenarios that could befall a property owner and create circumstances with which an Aspray loss assessor can greatly assist or highlight the benefits of instructing Aspray to handle a domestic or commercial property insurance claim.

The service typically costs the property owner NOTHING, other than the excess stated on their insurance policy, providing Aspray can instruct their vetted sub-contractors to complete all reinstatement works.  Read the Aspray Top 20, to find out more.

Property Damage Claims Management - Aspray Top 20

1. The Flood – Take That

The recent floods in South Yorkshire have illustrated the devastation that property owners can face and the problematic claims scenarios that are far from easy to negotiate.  Calling in your own loss assessor to liaise with the insurer, or their appointed loss adjuster, could expedite the process and see you back on your feet faster than others in the same boat might be, as Aspray will not only handle the claim, but also project manage the repairs, using its vetted contractors. 

2. Cold as Ice – Foreigner

Frozen pipes can easily burst in winter, causing internal escapes of water.  This type of claim is bigger than any other Aspray handles for its clients, because escapes of water are so common.  If you have insurance, Aspray can see you through your claim and also argue those important points, such as why replacing only certain kitchen cabinets is not a satisfactory outcome, as your property should be reinstated to its pre-loss condition in accordance with the terms of your insurance policy.

3. Blowing in the Wind – Peter, Paul and Mary

Wind can wreak havoc with properties but sometimes the insurer’s loss adjuster will attempt to suggest that wind damage would not have occurred, if the property had been better maintained.  This is an area in which an Aspray loss assessor can argue the policyholder’s case and try to get them their fair settlement.

4. Riders on the Storm – The Doors

Named storms are becoming regular occurrences, but gusts supposedly not being strong enough can be reason for some property claims being declined.  Aspray loss assessors will, where able, put together a factual case to put to the insurer using weather statistics, so as to prove that a genuine claim is valid.

5. Candle in the Wind – Elton John

London Fire Brigade ( suggest candle fires are a major cause of fires in the home. Aspray’s loss assessors often find a big part of their role in the claim’s negotiation being that of urging the loss adjuster (the insurer’s representative) to look beyond the obvious damage and consider how much damage smoke and chemicals have done to the framework and structure of the property.  Were this not the case, many policyholders would lose out in the long term, when the issues later manifest themselves.

6. Greased Lightning – Cast of Grease

Lightning strikes can cause significant structural damage – and sometimes fires – at properties and, again, Aspray’s role can be that of pointing out longer term damage issues, rather than the visible and obvious. Any electrical systems should be inspected and tested, before any claim offer is accepted, as damage to wiring could have occurred and this could later cause a fire.

7. We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Arson attacks can be tricky. Aspray stepped in to assist one policyholder in a huge way, after her estranged co-owner set fire to the home.  Initially, the loss adjuster offered no payment at all to the innocent party, because she was a co-owner.  It was only when Aspray did in-depth research and found a precedent for suggesting she should receive some pay out for her share of the house, that she received any settlement at all for her share of the building insurance.  This was a huge relief for the client, even though she still lost a lot of money because of her partner’s actions.

8. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Chip pans and other cooking fires can be a big issue for property owners, creating the fire damage scenarios that require an expert’s eye. As Aspray handles fire claims, it has been raising money throughout 2019 for The Firefighters Charity, with the sum raised by early November being over £6000 and fundraising is still continuing. To step into a firefighter’s shoes, Aspray’s MD, and some franchisees have also undergone a day of very tough fire training!

9. Long Hot Summer – The Style Council

Long hot summers, like that of 2018, can result in subsidence claims that property owners could find tricky to handle alone. Long-term issues can develop and these need to be identified and itemised before settlement. Additionally, how to tackle the property’s issues can cause a lot of debate, with different methods, of varying costs, available and suitable for certain scenarios but not others.  Agreeing to settle on a repair that is cheaper than another but not entirely suitable, could be a big mistake.

10. When We Collide – Matt Cardle

Vehicle impacts on properties are more common than you might imagine and, when a vehicle has been travelling at speed, or is a truck or tanker, the damage can be extensive.  Some property owners may struggle to handle their own insurance claim in such circumstances, so using a loss assessor like Aspray can really be advantageous

11. Rat in Mi Kitchen – UB40

Dealing with a pest infestation can be a nightmare, but luckily one that Aspray could work with insured policyholders to resolve.  Knowing you have settled a claim for pest damage that will not come back to bite you because a step or two were not taken when they should have been, can create great peace of mind.

12. Ciao, Adios – Anne-Marie

Tenants who are vacating rented properties, and who may bear a grudge, can cause extensive damage prior to leaving.  Sometimes, damage can be months in the making, if regular inspections have not been carried out by the landlord. This can be a distressing time and a costly one, until the property is back to normal.  Luckily, by instructing Aspray to settle the claim and then project manage the repairs and property reinstatement, a landlord stands a good chance of minimising their property’s downtime.

13.  Vicious – Lou Reed

Terrorism – and associated property damage – is a growing issue and not just in London.  Bomb explosions, stand-offs, fires and vehicle impacts can all cause damage to properties around the scene of an incident.  Property reinstatement, once the incident reporting is concluded, needs to be handled sensitively, as much upset may have gone before.  Aspray’s loss assessors not only become a prop for the property owner in practical terms but show lots of empathy and support at an emotional level too.  Someone really is on the property owner’s side.

14. Break on Through to the Other Side – The Doors

Burglaries – which peak during dark winters and summer holiday periods – are often associated with damage caused by forced entry.  The insured policyholder may have suffered the stress of having items stolen and is then expected to not only deal with this, but also handle property repairs.  Having a loss assessor step in and take the burden of the entire claim negotiations away could be very comforting.

15. Holding Out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler

Policyholders are often required to get several quotes for their property repairs, despite tradespeople being in short supply in some areas.  Increasingly policyholders have found that those that are available are tied up on jobs and in no rush to quote.  Aspray can remove this process, by project managing the whole claim, from notification to settlement, and by using its vetted sub-contractors to complete any reinstatement works.

16. I’ll Be There for You – Bon Jovi

Property claims can take many twists and turns and haggling can sometimes be ongoing for quite some time.  Policyholders may not have the resilience to handle the rejections of claims, or less-than-satisfactory offers made by the insurer, so having an Aspray loss assessor in their corner can be a welcomed bonus.

17. Fix You – Coldplay

Aspray’s clients have the confidence of knowing that any repairs carried out by Aspray’s approved contractors are repairs that are meant to last. Property will be reinstated to its pre-loss condition and not just to a level that could be deemed as only a temporary repair.

18. Call Me – Blondie

Some policyholders just do not have the time to keep calling insurers to find the latest updates on claims, or to relay information – that is if, of course, they can first get through the switchboard!  Aspray’s loss assessors can take on the day-to-day liaison of the claim, leaving the policyholder to carry on with their daily lives and not have to take time out to deal with their claim’s repairs and project management.

19. You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson

At a time when mental health is becoming talked about much more, it should be evident that many property owners cannot take on the extra stress that comes with managing their own property claim and having to negotiate with the insurer’s loss adjuster.  If they instruct Aspray, they do not have to and will always have someone to talk to about their claim, as well as their feelings with regard to their property loss.

20. When You Say Nothing at All – Ronan Keating

Unbelievably, the support, claims negotiation, repairs project management and empathy that Aspray provides normally comes at no charge to the policyholder, as long as its vetted and appointed sub-contractors are allowed to carry out the property reinstatement and repairs. The only thing the policyholder normally has to pay is the excess they agreed with their insurer when they took out their insurance policy. 

There are many other things on record that can demonstrate why using Aspray as your loss assessor is almost a no-brainer.  The evidence points to the fact that the song that is probably most associated with Aspray and its loss assessing team is Praise You by Fat Boy Slim.  The testimonials regularly received by the team really prove how invaluable the service has been for many policyholders that use it. 

In a sector where losses are a big issue for policyholders, this degree of satisfaction is incredible.  If you wish to be the next person to benefit from all the plusses of the service, please call 0800 077 6705 or visit

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