Britain may be in its third lockdown of the past 12 months but homeowners, commercial property owners and landlords around the country can rest assured that they still do not need to fight their home and commercial property insurance claims alone, if they turn to Aspray.

Lockdown 3

The festive period 2020 brought property damage to many homes, with widescale flooding in places including Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Gloucester and Cambridgeshire and then snow in various parts of the country. Storm Bella also rolled in, to wreak more havoc across the country, with winds over 100mph experienced on the Isle of Wight.

Lockdown 3: difficulties with property claims

With the festive closures and the continuing impacts of Covid-19 on the availability of tradespeople, insurers’ representatives (loss adjusters and claims departments), many of these home and commercial insurance claims, for property damage of various types, will only now be getting off the ground. 

Only now, will some property owners be realising that managing their property claim is going to be too much for them. Only now, will some be finding that their interpretation of their home or commercial property insurance policy cover varies greatly from that being adopted by their insurer or their representative, the loss adjuster.

Managing your home or property insurance claim in lockdown

Luckily for property owners, anywhere in Britain, who are struggling with their property insurance claim and needing help, Aspray continues to be here to assist.  Our systems have stood up to all that Covid-19 has thrown at them, even at times when insurers had furloughed many claims-handling staff and when it was hard to come by materials for home repairs and reinstatement.

We have continued to not only generate outstanding levels of customer satisfaction from home insurance, commercial policyholders and landlords but have also managed and overseen house and property repairs that have put lives back together again.

Homeowners are now living their lives, once more, in homes that have been reinstated to their former condition.  Businesses are now back up and running.  Landlords have had their rental income protected and used our service to keep tenants as content as possible.

The difference between loss adjusters and loss assessors

Our loss assessors have been all that our customers wanted, when they decided to pick up the phone and put into motion their consumer right to appoint their own representative when they have a property damage insurance claim.

We have successfully negotiated with the insurer and their representative – the loss adjuster regularly securing better outcomes for policyholders.  Knowing the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor has stood these property insurance policyholders in good stead. The latter is in YOUR corner.  The former is in the insurer’s.

Property claims: Storm Bella, flooding and fire

Now, we are starting 2021, representing some of those who suffered property damage and financial loss due to Storm Bella, flooding, snow or some other reason, in recent weeks, some of these other claims being due to fires that can cause devastating property damage and loss. 

We recognise that many homeowners do not want the stress of a property insurance claim on top of lockdown and Covid-19 concerns, so are doing even more than ever before to be their prop and resolve things as fast as we can, negotiating with the insurers’ loss adjusters with our usual resilience.

Trusted tradespeople for home and property insurance claims

Having trusted and vetted contractors on-hand is key to faster property claims’ resolutions. 

Our clients who have suffered property damage do not have to:

  • try to source tradespeople who can or will turn out and assist
  • put their faith in tradespeople whose credentials are unknown
  • risk employing cowboy builders

What Aspray do is:

  • get a team of contractors on to their repairs and schedule of works in as quick a time as possible
  • project manage the repair works

The policyholder just needs pay the excess they agreed with their insurer (and we can potentially assist with that too) because the Aspray claims management service is free of charge, provided that they use their own vetted contractors to do the repairs.

Resolute property claims handling in 2021

Our resolution for 2021, is to carry on performing as we did in 2020, knowing how much our actions were appreciated by our customers. 

If we do have a wish for 2021, it is that those customers would help us to shout from the rooftops that what we do is provide a truly valuable service that insurers like to sweep under the carpet, as it is not in their interests to have us represent their policyholder. 

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