Floods can happen when you least expect it, anywhere and at any time. It can be difficult to entirely flood-proof your property but there are ways in which you can significantly reduce the damage caused by floods. According to research carried out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) every £1 that is spent of flood defences saves £8 in insurance claims.

 reduce their risk of flood damage

Some ways to protect your home from the risk of flooding can be costly and others are more affordable, but here are some alterations that you may want to consider;

  • Flood proof your doors and windows – If flooding is expected and there is limited time to fit flood resistant doors, it could be beneficial to fit flood boards. Approximate cost – £1,000-£10,000
  • Non-return valves to drains – This allows fluid to flow though it only one way to help prevent sewage moving back through pipes. Approximate cost – £50-500
  • Upgrade your air bricks – Air bricks will allow air into your house whilst blocking out flood water. Approximate cost – £500-1,000
  • Using water resistant materials – Materials such as solid woods and plastic will absorb much less water in the event of a flood and could need less drying time.
  • Electrical equipment and wiring – Electrical sockets, TVs, wiring and other household appliances should be at least 1.5m above floor level. Approximate cost – £1,000-4,000
  • Flood barriers – Flood barriers are usually placed around buildings or entrances temporarily or permanently to keep floodwaters from entering. Although they can be expensive.
  • Sandbags – In the event of high water and floods, your local council should have a stockpile and provide sandbags for you to use. Approximate cost – Free
  • Use rugs instead of fitted carpets – Rugs can be easily moved in the event of a flood whereas fitted carpets can be more difficult to clean once the water has subsided.

(Source of estimated costs: Homeowners Alliance within the Insurance Times)

Flood Damage

Permanent changes can be made to your home to reduce the damage that could be caused by flooding. Although flooding may not be at the forefront of your mind until it happens, these changes could significantly lower the time and cost of flood restoration.

In the event of flooding causing damage to your property, call Aspray on 0800 077 6705 and professional and experienced claim handlers will book you an appointment as soon as possible with our experienced loss assessors.

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