Robert Johnson


Name: Robert Johnson

Location: Aspray Head Office

Job Title: Account Manager/Claim Handler

Years with Aspray: 2

What attracted you to Aspray?

With having previous experience within the insurance industry, a job role as a claims handler with Aspray was an appealing one. I was invited to an interview where I then met with both Aspray Directors, James and Andrea along with the claims team manager Hayley. Within the interview process it was refreshing to listen to such passion about Aspray, the benefits Aspray brings and the direction the company is taking.

Tell me about your career before joining the Aspray team.

I previously worked for a company based in the North West as a claims handler. This company specialised in both domestic and commercial claims, primarily focusing on contents claims. After spending just shy of 5 years at the company, I felt it was time for a new challenge and I am very glad that I made the decision to join Aspray.

Looking back, how have you developed since you joined Aspray?

As I primarily focused on contents claims, my knowledge of buildings insurance and insurance in general was limited. In the 2 years, I have worked for Aspray I have dealt with a wide-range of property claims and have also put in many hours of studying outside the office to further enhance my overall understanding of the insurance market.

 What has been your biggest learning curve since joining Aspray?

As my previous employers worked directly for the insurance companies, I was not fully aware of the difficulties policyholders go through with certain insurers. In particularly insurers who appoint claims validation companies who seem to be very eager to repudiate before understanding all the facts.

Tell me about an accomplishment that is most significant while being with Aspray?

One achievement is passing my Cert CII qualification, the Cert CII qualification demonstrates a key understanding of insurance principles. I passed the 3 exams and earned the qualification within 4 months, this is something I am extremely proud of.

Do you have any further qualifications?

Once I had completed my Cert CII, I have now passed my Cert CILA qualification. Aspray want to make you the best you can be and now I am working toward my Dip Cila. This is a specialised loss adjusting qualification at Diploma level.

What would you say your specialism is?

I would say insurance. Having worked within the industry for several years in a variety of positions has given me a 360 view of the industry.

What is your focus while dealing with a policyholder?  

When dealing with a policyholder at the outset I ensure the principle of TCF is at the heart of what I do. As we are regulated by the FCA it is important we treat customers fairly at all times.

What have you learnt from previously employment that you have brought to Aspray?

As I worked within a similar environment previously, I very quickly learnt how to deal with pressure, particularly in a surge period. This is something I put into practice when dealing with any demanding clients and this skill helps on a personal level too.

As a Claims Handler, how do you support the franchisees?

On a day to day basis I give support to our network of franchisees with any of their claim-related queries. This could vary from a schedule of works or how to overcome any queries from a loss adjustor and anything in-between.

How do you fit into the Aspray network?

I give franchisees support as and when required and I also assist on large complex claims.

What benefit do you bring to the Aspray network?

As I have previously mentioned, I have been within the insurance industry for several years, I have worked with a significant number of policyholders during this time. I am able to understand a policyholder’s concerns, anxieties and sheer panic at the point of claim. As I am qualified within my profession, I can give advice at point of claim and guide them through the process with Aspray.

Tell me something that makes your day better?

A simple answer really, however, a satisfied policyholder. As many of the policyholders have claims that can cause a great amount of stress, it is humbling to know that I can take that stress away.

If you could give a policyholder any advice what would it be?

Firstly, ensure you have trace and access cover on their policy. Secondly, to avoid price comparison sites when taking out insurance, if and when, get your policy through an insurance broker.

Name 3 of your skills.

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Professionalism

When did you develop these skills?

To be honest, in general life, within my personal life I play a lot of sport, with this comes teamwork. I like to bring this attitude into my working environment.

What is your superpower?

Managing contractor’s expectations.

Robert, let’s get personal!

Who is your inspiration?



My Grandad worked hard in life and did well for himself coming from a small background.

What do you do when you are not working?

I play a lot of football, currently playing for Fulwood Park Rangers. I also enjoy running.

When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Usually a sporting question on a pub quiz!

What is on your bucket list?

To go and watch the ashes down under.

Wine or Beer?


Starter or Dessert?


Theme Park or Water Park?

Theme Park

Dog or Cat?


Tea or Coffee?


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