With Bonfire Night fast approaching, many people will be busy making plans of how to celebrate. Families with children, in particular, will be thinking about how best to enjoy the evening and make it special for their little ones. Many will opt to use fireworks at home, usually inviting friends round to make it a real party atmosphere out in their garden.

Although it is a fun night, it is vital to think about fire safety to reduce the risks involved. This not only applies to people but also to your property, which could be damaged if fireworks are not used safely.

Here are some of the best tips for avoiding fire damage while using fireworks at home.

Keep safe when using Fireworks at HomeMake sure you keep everyone safe

Most of the best safety tips for using fireworks at home are simple common sense. The key factor to bear in mind is to keep everyone who has come to watch a good distance away from the fireworks themselves – usually at least five metres for home-grade fireworks. Directly related to this is the need to fully read all instructions on each firework before use – this will tell you important information such as safe distance, among other things.

If you will be the one lighting the fireworks, make sure you set them up in a suitable section of the outdoor space, well in advance, with somewhere for them to land safely. If you will just be lighting one at a time, any fireworks not yet used should be kept in a sealed container, away from any sparks. Remember to always light the fireworks at arm’s length, with a safety lighter, to avoid any accidents. It is also worth wearing safety equipment such as goggles and gloves for maximum protection.

Keep your home safe too!

Naturally, most people think about protecting their loved ones when considering firework safety. However, it is just as vital to keep your home safe too. For garden class fireworks, the recommended safe distance for use is around 10 metres from any property.

Ensure all windows and doors to your property are closed as this will reduce the chance of stray fireworks entering your property.

Although fun, putting on a home firework display could soon lead to disaster if they set your house ablaze, so be smart when using them.

These kinds of safety measures will also help to reduce the pressure on the UK’s fire services. London Fire Brigade reported a 32% increase of call-outs on Bonfire Night 2016, with a real-world figure of 501 incidents to respond to. By following sensible safety guidelines, you will help reduce the pressure on the fire service wherever you may be in the country.

Fireworks at HomeMake sure to buy British Standard fireworks

Another crucial safety consideration when using fireworks at home is to only buy them from a reputable shop and ensure they are British Standard marked. By doing this, you will be making sure they will work as expected and not have any nasty surprises lurking due to inferior quality production. This may cost a little more money but the safety of your family and home are certainly worth it.

During our years helping people manage their buildings insurance claims and subsequent reinstatements and rebuilds, Aspray has seen the devastation caused by just one rogue firework. Please be safe and take care on the night.

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