Property owners in the Cardiff East area that are suffering damage have a service right on their doorstep. Aspray (Cardiff East) is now fully operational. They’ll will be helping homeowners and business premises owners with their building insurance claims.

Larry Hamilton-Wright brings a wealth of experience in customer service to Cardiff East. Larry comes from an already well-established set up in Exeter. His business revolves around making the property insurance claims process as hassle-free as possible for the policyholder.


A wealth of experience in property damage insurance claims


Having been with Aspray for several years, Larry has weathered many storms and complicated insurance claims. He’s proven to not only be a trustworthy person to handle a person’s insurance claim, but to also put them at ease through what could be a stressful period in their lives.

Larry and Aspray (Cardiff East) will manage claims caused by fires, floods, storms, impact damage and escapes of water. More than 80% of insurance claims are caused by an escape of water. Not everyone understands insurance and what they’re entitled to in relation to their policy. Insurance jargon and the complexities of property construction can be overwhelming for some people. As the insurance company needs to assess the damage to the property, so too can a loss assessor. A loss assessor such as Larry will make sure the full extent of the damage is accounted for. Larry makes sure all terms and conditions are met by the insurance company.

Hiring a loss assessor could mean the difference between bringing a property completely back to its pre-loss condition, or unfortunately becoming out of pocket.

The sensible option? Making a call to Aspray (Cardiff East) and having an experienced professional like Larry, on your side.

As an Appointed Representative of Aspray, the brand now extends its reach in Wales. All built on the success of Aspray (Exeter). With a good reputation nationwide, the Aspray brand is further strengthened by having an increased presence in Wales.

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