Cash Settlement

Cash Settlements from Insurers 

Aspray offer a full property damage insurance claims management and reinstatement service and there is no cost for the service to customers who instruct Aspray to manage their property damage insurance claim as it is the insurer that pays for any agreed property damage and reinstatement works, provided that: 

  • The customer’s claim isn’t repudiated 
  • The customer’s claim is paid and Aspray have completed the reinstatement works as per the schedule of works agreed 

However, in the event that after signing the mandate the customer decides to instead take a “cash settlement” from the insurer, and therefore does not allow Aspray to reinstate the property in line with the terms of their mandate and or the schedule of works, then the following fees/charges will apply: 

The standard fee guidelines for cash settlement: 

  • Aspray Head Office management and claims handling fee – 3% of settlement value. 
  • Site Visits/Scheduling – £48.00 + VAT/hour. 
  • Mileage – £0.54 + VAT/mile. 
  • Telephone Calls/E-mails/Letters – £18.00 + VAT/each. 
  • We cap this at 10% of the claim value, so if the calculated charge exceeds this, we would reduce the overall charge to only 10%. 
  • If we feel that the calculated charge is not reasonable, then we reserve the right to reduce any fees or charges to a value that we deem more reasonable and fairer as determined by the Operations department at Head Office or a Senior Manager. 
  • Any costs we have incurred from our contractors based on Aspray’s schedule of rates. 

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