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Caring for your insurance claim, when your home or business has suffered property damage

If you have suffered property damage and you are making an insurance claim, you may not know what step to take next. However, Aspray can help!

You may be feeling stressed or anxious as a result of damage caused by fire, flood, escape of water, impact, storm, or subsidence. Aspray can deal with your insurer directly and then ensure a fair settlement is agreed.

You may also have difficulty finding contractors due to the complex nature of the property damage, or because of high demand. At Aspray, we can take this responsibility off your hands as a result of having access to vetted contractors in your area. Our aim is to provide a seamless service that restores your home or business back to its pre-loss condition, besides handling all communications with your insurer.

Successful Insurance Claims

See examples of the Aspray service in action, with case studies based on different property damage scenarios. There is likely a similair case study to your situation due to the vast amount of experience we have in dealing with insurance claims. If you want to find out more about a particular case study, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Claim Process

A member of the Aspray claims team will take some details of the property damage and details of your insurance claim if you have logged a claim. Next, our team will arrange for a Loss Assessor to visit your premises at time to suit you. 

Property damage and
repair report

Once you have reviewed and signed a mandate instruction authorising Aspray to manage the claim on your behalf we will assess the property damage to determine if you have a valid insurance claim and contact your insurer to get the ball rolling. 

Aspray manage your insurance claim

From here, your Aspray Loss Assessor will deal with all communications relating to your insurance claim, including attending all onsite meetings with necessary specialists or representatives of the insurer. 

Negotiation with
your insurer

Aspray negotiate the insurance claim to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf as quickly as possible. Having  Aspray on your side, means that we will chase and aim to progress the claim as quickly as possible. 

Settlement and
excess paid

Once settlement is agreed, your dedicated Loss Assessor will meet with you to discuss the agreed works, collect your excess payment and agree a convenient date for works to commence.

Fully vetted
contractors assigned

The agreed works are carried out using our fully vetted contractors appropriate for the works being undertaken. Some elements of the works may be undertaken by the Loss Assessor personally. 

Project manage
the repair works

Reinstatement works will commence on the pre-agreed date, and will be project managed by your dedicated loss assessor through to completion.

Sign off
and feedback

Your feedback and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, therefore, we will meet you onsite, where applicable, to inspect and sign off on the completed works. 

Speak to a claims handler

Our 24/7 claims helpline puts you in direct contact with our qualified claims handling team who can advise on the next steps for your property insurance claim.

Before After
Before After
Before After

What is the Cost?

Unlike some Loss Assessors, we can manage the whole insurance claim right through to completion and our loss assessing service is *free to the policyholder, providing we can use our vetted contractors to carry out the reinstatement works. However, any excess stated within the policy will still apply and is payable by you, the policyholder.  

If you are a VAT registered company or individual, please be aware you are responsible for paying the VAT of the settlement, however, you can claim this from HMRC on your next VAT return. 

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Water damage is one of the most common causes of residential or commercial buildings insurance claims. A leaky or frozen pipe can sometimes lead to extensive, and sometimes expensive, damage to your property and its contents. If you experience water damage, Aspray could help by negotiating with your insurance company or their loss adjuster, drying out your property and instructing vetted contractors to complete reinstatement works.


Suffering a fire in your residential or commercial property can be destressing and the damage caused can, in some cases, be catastrophic. Aspray could help restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition, providing a helping hand when you may need it most.
Where applicable, if your property is damaged your Aspray loss assessor may be able to arrange temporary accommodation for yourself, and your family should you be unable to remain in your property while repairs are carried out.


Extreme floods have been prominent across the UK over the past few years, with home and business owners suffering extensive damage, leaving them without a habitable property for extended periods of time.
If your property has been flooded, Aspray could, were applicable, arrange temporary accommodation and begin organising the cleaning and stripping of fixtures, fittings and furnishings that have been damaged because of the flood.


Adverse weather conditions are out of your control and a severe storm can cause damage to various aspects of your property. High winds, heavy rain, hail, and snow can all potentially cause harmful effects to your home or business, from broken roof tiles to an uprooted tree landing on your house or business.
Damage caused by a storm can take many forms however, our project managers are experienced at managing claims caused by extreme weather conditions.


Predominately caused by a vehicle colliding with your residential or commercial property or boundary, the physical damage of impact can be big enough and Aspray understand that the emotional impact could be even greater. The property owner can usually recover the cost of the damage under their own policy and then your insurances can often pursue a recovery of costs against the offending motorist.


Subsidence and heave both affect a building’s foundations. Subsidence is the downward movement of those foundations, while heave is the upward. Both can cause internal and external issues, as a property sinks or shifts in response to impacts on the earth beneath. 


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Leak Detection and the Important of Trace and Access

Sometimes it’s easy to see where a leak is coming from. Especially when water is pouring through your home. But there are some instances where you may find a wet patch on a ceiling or find a trickle of water and have no idea where it is coming from. When this happens,...

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