Aspray’s Network Support Manager, Anthony Baddeley, visited the Trotec and Dantherm Logistics and Distribution Hub in Heinsberg, Germany.

Aspray continues to prioritise technological advancements to enhance their service delivery. Their Network Support Manager, Anthony Baddeley, recently had the opportunity to visit the Trotec and Dantherm Group’s Logistics and Distribution Hub in Heinsberg, Germany

This visit provided Anthony with valuable insights into the manufacturing, development and the future of technology used in drying, heating, ventilation, and air purification. The training session was held over three days, and highlighted the eco-friendly sustainable initiatives spearheaded by Dantherm Group and Trotec, setting new industry standards for energy-efficient practices.

Anthony Baddeley
Loss Assessor of the Year

Exploring the Manufacturing Facilities

Anthony’s visit offered him a comprehensive tour of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Witnessing the cutting-edge machinery and production processes, Anthony gained an in-depth understanding of the meticulous craftsmanship behind the products and solutions offered by Trotec and Dantherm Group.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices

One of the standout aspects of the Dantherm Group and Trotec Hub is their unwavering commitment to eco-friendly operations. The entire facility is a testament to their dedication to sustainability. Notably, the hub’s roof is covered with approx. 50,000 m² of solar panels, ensuring it is entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy usage. The surplus energy generated even supplies power to over 2,000 homes in Heinsberg. Such eco-conscious practices showcase Dantherm Group and Trotec’s leadership in adopting a more energy-efficient approach within the damage restoration industry.

Revolutionary Tablet Integration

During the training, Anthony had the opportunity to learn about an upcoming breakthrough product—an innovative tablet being developed by Dantherm Group and Trotec. This tablet seamlessly integrates with various drying and air ventilation equipment, providing detailed and accurate readings.

This powerful tool will serve as an efficient way to monitor the performance of Dantherm Group and Trotec products in their intended use. The tablet’s capabilities will enable professionals to optimise and better control their drying processes and deliver better outcomes for policyholders.

Loss Assessor of the Year

Aspray’s commitment to technological excellence

Anthony’s visit to Heinsberg exemplifies Aspray’s dedication to leveraging the best available technology in their service offerings. By staying at the forefront of advancements, Aspray ensures a smooth claims process for their policyholders. The implementation of the techniques and knowledge gained from the training course will enable Aspray to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a seamless experience for all parties involved, including insurers, representatives, policyholders, and loss assessors.

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