Aspray (Altrincham), proudly sponsored the Defeat Delamere run, part of The Ultimate Running Series, all in the spirit of raising funds for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

As a company committed to supporting local causes and community-driven events, Aspray (Altrincham) was on the lookout for an opportunity to make a positive impact in the local area. Defeat Delamere was a great choice, with hundreds of runners signed up from the Cheshire area. Delamere Forest played host to the event, providing a stunning backdrop to what was a fun and challenging morning enjoyed by all.

Defeat Delamere

Ready to Defeat Delamere

Runners of all skill levels gathered at Delamere Forest, each with a commitment to health, fitness, community engagement and of course, charity! The event kicked off with an invigorating warm-up before the runners set out on either 5K or 10K courses. Throughout the course, personal records were shattered as runners pushed their limits. Many contestants took it upon themselves to initiate individual sponsorship campaigns, amplifying their support for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, with a history dating back to 1990, is a charitable organisation dedicated to defeating lung cancer through research, patient support, and raising awareness about this critical health issue. The foundation’s tireless efforts have contributed significantly to improving the lives of those affected by lung cancer and advancing our understanding of the disease.

Defeat Delamere Mens Winners
Defeat Delamere Womens
Defeat Delamere Graham

Supporting Defeat Delamere and Roy Castle

Graham Forrester, the representative of Aspray (Altrincham), expressed his delight in supporting the Defeat Delamere run and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. He noted that while supporting such a worthy cause, Aspray (Altrincham) also seized the opportunity to make local homeowners aware of their services. Aspray specialises in assisting people when their home is damaged by either an escape of water, fire damage, storm damage, or flooding. By participating in events like Defeat Delamere, Aspray (Altrincham) aims to connect with local homeowners and be a trusted resource for the community, helping in times of need.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible event that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also supports a cause as vital as the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Aspray (Altrincham) is committed to making a positive impact in our local community, and sponsoring the Defeat Delamere run aligns perfectly with our mission.

We hope that our support not only contributes to the success of the Ultimate Running Series but also raises awareness about the fantastic work done by the foundation.”

– Graham Forrester

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