Hidden Damage

There are none so blind as those who cannot see.  That is something to bear in mind, if ever you suffer the misfortune of a serious leak, flood or fire, as it is often the ‘hidden’ property damage, not visible to the naked eye, which is as important as that which is.  

It is this that can make Aspray’s loss assessing service so useful as, sometimes, the case for ‘thorough investigation’ of damage has to be argued. It may not be offered by right, by your insurer’s representative in the claim, most commonly, the loss adjuster.

Therein lies a predicament for many domestic and commercial property owners, as what cannot be seen can be conveniently overlooked and become damage not repaired through an insurance claim.  Knowing what is going on behind your four walls, under your floor and in your roof space is vital, if you are to avoid long-term issues and prevent future repair costs becoming your expense, rather than those covered by your insurance policy.

Insurance claims for ‘hidden’ structural water damage

Whilst longer-term damage should technically be covered, it is not always easy to prove when it occurred, if a claim is made further down the line.  Being absolutely sure what has happened at the time of loss is essential, as it adds clarity and reduces the chances for a claims dispute.

Many property owners find it difficult to press this point home, however, especially if they are inexperienced, vulnerable or actually unaware of the damage themselves.  Having an expert guide you through your property damage insurance claim from day one, means these situations are thought through.  Experts are instructed on your behalf, to give independent assessments of whether or not invisible damage is present using equipment such as thermal imaging and moisture meters; acoustic microphones and endoscopic cameras. 

Longer term structural damage can easily be caused by both water and smoke.  Water damage is often associated with dangerous black mould, which releases dangerous spores.  Aspray’s loss assessors can quickly bring in professional equipment to help dry out your home, to prevent growth happening.  Aspray-instructed experts can also assess factors such as whether or not doors and floorboards may warp or wall structures or ceilings destabilise over time.

Insurance claims for ‘hidden’ fire damage

Not all water damage is caused by leaks, floods or internal flooding from a washing machine or dishwasher.  Some follows the dampening down of a fire, and fires have their own impacts.

Burning embers can damage roof beams and smoke damage can affect walls, ceilings, piping and electrics.  Soot deposits are corrosive, if left to linger on surfaces.  Signs of damage might be staining, paint discolouration, rusting and corrosion of pipework, floor damage and tell-tale odours but airborne soot particulate is invisible.  That makes it a real health hazard, so professional inspection and cleaning after a fire is essential. 

You need to know precisely what you are dealing with, most probably by using forensic services.  After all, do you really know if any steel could have destabilised within a retaining wall?  Could you honestly assess whether window glass might warp?  Do you have any idea what moulds may be growing inside your walls?

Compensation for hidden structural property damage

Out of sight really is out of mind, so never agree to a claims settlement until you are sure everything has been taken into consideration and all areas, such as your loft space and cellar, thoroughly checked for damage.  If structural damage is repaired, make sure you are not left with a patchwork wall, rather than one that is aesthetically uniform.

This may all sound daunting but it need not be.  Aspray’s loss assessors assist property policyholders with this sort of claim all the time and strive to get you your rightful settlement, covering all the required repairs, for both visible and invisible damage.

How Aspray’s loss assessing service works

You can access Aspray’s service at any time during the claim, although having assistance from day one is always helpful.  Under our terms, if we can instruct our trusted contractors to handle your repairs, we will not charge for our service. 

When that sort of service is at hand, why not use it? Call 0800 077 6705 to get our help today.

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