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Get support on your Fire damage insurance claim

Help is at hand! Our claims team will assign a local Aspray loss assessor to visit you at your property to begin the process.

The goal is to help you get your property back to the way it was, before the fire and smoke damage. In addition, we aim to make the experience as less stressful as possible.

Fire damage

Smoke damage


Restoring your home or business after Fire damage

Fires can often devastate a property. They are amongst the most complicated of claims handled by Aspray.

As a result, we are vastly experienced in providing detailed reports to your insurance company, and instructing specialist contractors to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition. To sum up, you need an expert on your side.

The level of damage to a property can vary depending on the type of fire, and how long it took in order for the fire engines to come. Fire, smoke and water damage are all common factors in fire damaged properties and require different decontamination and reinstatement techniques.

The complexities and quantity of the damage will only be accounted for by an expert. Therefore, a loss assessor like Aspray can ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to from your insurance company.

Above all, Aspray takes away this hassle.

Watch the case study video below!

Examples of our service on Fire damage claims

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How we support you on a Fire damage insurance claim

A member of the Aspray claims team will take some details of the fire damage and details of your insurance claim if you have logged a claim. Next, our team will arrange for a Loss Assessor to visit your premises at time to suit you. 

Property damage and
repair report

Review and sign the mandate instruction authorising Aspray to manage the claim on your behalf. In addition, we will assess the fire damage to determine if you have a valid insurance claim and contact your insurer to get the ball rolling.

Aspray manage your
insurance claim

From here, your Aspray Loss Assessor will deal with all communications relating to your insurance claim. Therefore, you won’t need to handle onsite meetings with necessary specialists or representatives of the insurer.

Negotiation with
your insurer

Aspray will negotiate the insurance claim to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf as quickly as possible. Having  Aspray on your side, means that we will chase and aim to progress the claim as quickly as possible. 

Settlement and
excess paid

The settlement will be agreed, and your dedicated Loss Assessor will meet with you to discuss the agreed works. They will also collect your excess payment and agree a convenient date for works to commence.

Fully vetted
contractors assigned

The appropriate contractors will be instructed to carry out the reinstatement works at your property.  Some elements of the works may be undertaken by the Loss Assessor personally. 

Project manage
the repair works

Reinstatement works will commence on the pre-agreed date, and your dedicated Loss Assessor will project manage these works to completion. Meanwhile, Aspray will update you on project timescales.

Sign off
and feedback

Your feedback and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, therefore, we will meet you onsite, where applicable, to inspect and sign off on the completed works. 

Get support on your Escape of Water insurance claim

Decontamination, fire damage


Smoke and soot pose a significant risk to both you and your property as soot particles are usually toxic and, when they encounter moisture, cause corrosion.

Ensuring your property is fully cleaned out is vitally important following fire damage.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration

Your contents are also likely to be affected by fire, even if they were not directly impacted by the flames.

A restoration company will remove contents to decontaminate where possible or dispose of them safely if they are damaged beyond repair.

Structural Survey

Structural survey

Should the fire damage claim require it, your Aspray Loss Assessor can bring in third-party consultants to carry out a structural survey.

Surveys normally inspect all visible and accessible parts of a building, including walls, doors, windows, roofs, and outbuildings.

Drying Fire Damage


Besides heat devastation and fire-damaged items, your property may suffer from water damage, from the fire brigade or an onsite sprinkler system.

Your Aspray Loss Assessor will take moisture readings of the site to put together a drying plan.

Fire damage FAQ

I need to make a claim for fire damage, where do I start?

Dealing with fire damage can be traumatic. Professionals on behalf of the fire department will advise you on the immediate next steps to take after the fire. Following this, they may mention getting in touch with your insurance company and logging a claim.

You can call Aspray as early as convenient, even if you have not logged the claim with your insurance company. After the initial call, you will always have someone on your side, who is striving to ensure you are receiving what you are entitled to and your property is reinstated to its pre-fire damage condition.

If necessary,  our expert team will help you find the information you need to register your claim, this is usually contained within your policy documents along with your personal policy number and insurer’s claims helpline number.

Call 0800 077 6705, to access the support you need. 

How much does the Aspray service cost for fire damage claims?

Unlike some Loss Assessors, we can manage the whole fie damage claim right through to completion. Another key point is our loss assessing service is free to the policyholder, provided we can use our vetted contractors to carry out the reinstatement works. However, you will still have to pay any excess which is stated on your policy. 

If you are a VAT-registered company or individual, please be aware you are responsible for paying the VAT of the settlement, however, you can claim this from HMRC on your next VAT return. 

How does the insurance excess work and do I still have to pay this if I appoint Aspray?

Yes, the excess stated within the policy will still apply.

Insurance excess is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim before your insurance provider makes its contribution. Your excess amounts will be shown in the policy schedule. 

Under the terms of your insurance agreement, the amount of excess you pay may depend on the type of risks, often referred to as ‘perils.’ Our experienced team can show you where to find out how much excess you would have to pay if you made a claim.

The excess is payable directly to Aspray once the final settlement has been agreed with your insurer. At this point, your dedicated Loss Assessor will arrange to collect the excess payment from you.

Who can Aspray assist?

To put it simply, Aspray can help any property owner who is making a claim on their building’s insurance policy, whether it’s their home, business or investment property.  

If you have suffered fire damage to your property and want to make a claim on your insurance policy, call Aspray on 0800 077 6705. Your dedicated Loss Assessor can inspect the damage and validate the claim before you speak with your insurance company. 

Why do I need Aspray if my insurers have already appointed a loss adjuster?

Loss Adjusters are appointed to act on behalf of the insurance company. Aspray will work directly for you, the policyholder.

By appointing an Aspray loss assessor you will level the playing field. Specifically, you will have a trusted and experienced professional acting on your behalf and exclusively in your best interests. From initial contact to satisfactory conclusion of repairs, we aim to take the stress and strain away.

Read our TRUSTist reviews to see how our UK wide network of loss assessors consistently go the extra mile to help their customers. 

How long will my fire damage claim take?

Fire damage insurance claims can be complex, and each case is unique meaning each can vary in time length. There are many factors that can impact the claim procedure such as, size of the claim, extent of the damage to the property and even the internal procedures that your insurance company have in place.

Having Aspray on your side, means having someone who will drive the claim forward, chase the insurer and ultimately bring the claim to completion as quickly as possible, whilst updating you every step of the way.

Aspray has a great reputation for helping people with fire damage claims because of our vast experience in the field since 2005. Therefore, we are confident in working to conclude the claim as quickly as possible. However, as mentioned above, all cases are unique.

Can you help if my fire damage insurance claim is already in progress?

Aspray does need to have been appointed at the very start of a claim however, it is more beneficial.

We can help at any point in the claim. That is to say that firstly, no reinstatement quotes have been provided to your insurer. Secondly, the reinstatement works have not already begun.

We can step in at a time when those who are trying to negotiate with the insurer’s loss adjuster are failing to do so effectively. For instance, they may find the claim is not progressing due to a breakdown in communication because of a lack of insurance knowledge.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can assess your individual situation and provide you with advice on how to proceed.  

Get support on your Escape of Water insurance claim

Case study: Devastating Fire damage claim
expertly handled by Aspray

This property was completely destroyed by fire, and the lives of those involved have changed forever.

The Aspray service is designed to handle all communications with the insurer, instruct specialist contractors, bring the property back to its pre-loss state, and most importantly have someone by your side to guide you.

As you can see in the pictures of this video, the property was completely destroyed and required an entire rebuild apart from the external facade.

Bill Maynard stepped up, with all his years of experience, calming presence, and professional skills, and immediately began to put the policyholder’s mind at ease, as best he could.

Anthony Baddeley pitched in with an in-depth understanding of property damage of this magnitude and ensured all damage was correctly accounted for.

This case study is a great example as to why we are the UK’s number one loss assessor.

Watch the case study video below!

Fire Damage Essex
Fire Damage Essex
Fire Damage Essex
Fire Damage Essex

Useful advice on a Fire damage claim

The emotional toll of fire damage cannot be understated. Witnessing your home engulfed in flames, losing possessions, and potentially dealing with injuries or fatalities is a harrowing experience.

The aftermath of a fire can leave you feeling disoriented, anxious, and in shock. It’s essential to seek support from friends, family, or professional services when needed.

Fire damage Oxygen Rich

These fires occur when there is an ample supply of oxygen. They burn at high temperatures and are often characterised by open flames. Oxygen-rich fires cause extensive damage to structures, leaving behind charred remains, melted materials, and severe structural damage. Recovery from oxygen-rich fires typically involves extensive demolition and rebuilding.

Fire Damage Oxgen Starved

Oxygen-starved fires occur when the available oxygen is limited. They smolder at lower temperatures and produce thick, dense smoke. While these fires may not cause as much visible damage, they can lead to pervasive smoke damage throughout the property. Removing the soot and odor from oxygen-starved fires can be a complex and time-consuming process.

The complexities of fire damage demand tailored reinstatement and repair processes based on the type of fire. Oxygen-rich fires often require structural assessments, debris removal, and rebuilding from the ground up. This process may involve rebuilding walls, replacing roofs, and addressing extensive damage to the interior.

Oxygen-starved fires, on the other hand, necessitate specialised cleaning and restoration techniques. Smoke and soot particles can penetrate deep into materials, making cleanup challenging. Professionals use specialised equipment and cleaning agents to remove soot, eliminate odors, and restore the property’s air quality.

Using a loss assessor on a fire damage claim

Dealing with an insurance claim after a fire can be a daunting task, especially when you’re grappling with the emotional aftermath. This is where a loss assessor can make a significant difference. A loss assessor, like Aspray, can be engaged as soon as possible to take control of the insurance claim process on your behalf.

By working closely with your insurance company, a loss assessor can ensure that your claim is properly documented, submitted, and processed promptly. With a loss assessor handling the insurance and renovation aspects, you can focus on coping with potential bereavement, shock, and the emotional recovery process.

Alternate accomodation

In many cases, your home may be uninhabitable after fire damage. During the insurance claim process, finding alternative accommodation is essential for your family’s well-being. Depending on the contents of your insurance policy wording, Aspray can help you secure temporary accomodation while your property is being restored. This ensures that you have a safe and comfortable place to stay during the challenging recovery period.

Fire damage insurance claim



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