The Isle of Wight, renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and landscapes, faced an unexpected challenge when flooding ravaged properties in the region. Among those affected was a property owner who found themselves thurst into a nightmare, as they grappled with the aftermath of the flood’s devastating impact and damage it had caused to their property.

Minimal Damage, Maximum Concern

In October 2023, a one hundred year old Victorian property on the Isle of Wight found itself engulfed by floodwaters, posing a significant threat to its cherished heritage. With its traditional floorboards, skirting boards, and other seasoned materials dating back to its construction.

Despite the formidable challenge posed by the flooding, the damage incurred was surprisingly minimal, with only an inch to two inches of water infiltrating the home. Fortunately, testing revealed that the water, though dirty, carried no contamination, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

Aspray: A trusted partner in crisis management

When the floodwaters surged through the property on the Isle of Wight, chaos erupted. The landlord was left grappling with the daunting task of restoring their property back to it’s former glory.

The restoration efforts undertaken by the Aspray team proved to be pivotal in salvaging 98% of the materials, including the bespoke kitchen. This restoration not only delighted the policyholder but also ensured the retention of the property’s integrity and historic element.

Unlike neighbouring properties requiring extensive renovations, Aspray focused on preserving the historic charm of the property. While others removed interior elements, this property demonstrates Aspray’s dedication to conserving heritage during challenging times.

Isle of Wight Flood
Isle of Wight Flood - Living Room
Isle of Wight - Dining Room

Outstanding service to the policyholder

In a pivotal turn of events, Aspray assumed a leading role in managing the claim. Their invaluable support included a comprehensive range of services, from liaising with the insurer to providing clear guidance on policy coverage to the homeowner. Moreover, their communication with subcontractors was also excellent, ensuring seamless coordination throughout the process.

Aspray worked alongside Bio Response and CDM Contractors to ensure a seamless recovery process for the affected property. Both contractor teams successfully reinstated the flooring and carried out redecorations in the affected areas, including tiling in the kitchen and other parts of the property.

The true measure of Aspray’s effectiveness lies in the peace of mind they bring to homeowners. By taking charge of the entire claims process, they empower homeowners to focus on rebuilding their lives. With Aspray leading the way, you can rest assured that your property is in capable hands, allowing you to prioritise other aspects of your life.

Aspray, Bio-Response and CDM Contractors

Pictured from left to right: Darren Southwell (Insurance Manager, Bio Response), Anthony Baddeley (Network Support Manager, Aspray), Daniel Fegan (Contract Manager, CDM Contractors), Rudy Davis (Insurance Surveyor, CDM Contractors)

Demonstrating Aspray’s commitment

When disaster occurs, time becomes is of essence. Aspray recognises this urgency and promptly deploys its skilled assessors to evaluate the impact. Whether it’s a fire, flood, storm, or any other catastrophe, their team swiftly assesses the situation, meticulously documenting all aspects to bolster your insurance claim.

Dealing with property damage can be an overwhelming experience for any homeowner. From navigating insurance procedures to coordinating repairs, the process can quickly become daunting. However, with the assistance of top loss assessors such as Aspray, the weight can be lifted off your shoulders, enabling homeowners to concentrate on what truly matters.

The Aspray team worked tirelessly to restore the policyholder’s property to its former state, ensuring that they could regain a sense of normalcy and find reassurance during a very difficult period.

Before After
Before After
Janet Landlord - Isle of Wight

“With using Aspray, your there, your sent everything, including the detail of the work. It was somebody that was at the end of the phone that you could reach.

I felt in the loop and there’s always been either Anthony or Stuart from the Aspray team that always managed to get in touch.”

– Janet, Landlord

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