Homeowners and landlords are being advised to take the ‘I’ out of claim, as temperatures yo-yo and the weather fluctuates between frost, torrential rain and gales – all perfect conditions for property damage.

The reminder has been issued by loss assessing experts Aspray Limited, which works with policyholders across the country, who have suffered a financial loss from property damage and who have an insurance policy to cover it.

Property repair and claims management specialist, Aspray, says many property owners are still in the dark when it comes to claims handling and do not realise help is at hand when dealing with the insurer’s appointed loss adjuster.  The loss adjuster normally has a different view as to how the claim should be settled from that of a loss assessor, when it comes to deciding on the scope of works needed to repair the damage and return it to its pre loss condition.

A common misconception is that the only parties that can be involved in the claims process are the insured and the insurer’s representative, the loss adjuster.  Many homeowners and landlords agree on a claims settlement without the homeowner having a proper say in the final outcome.  It is still the case that the vast majority simply accept the offer that the insurer makes and do not question it.

The minority, on the other hand, are more clued-up and appoint a representative to sit on their side of the fence, rather than on the insurer’s side.  This is a professional expert, from a reputable business like Aspray, which has years of experience in helping policyholders ensure that their property is repaired to a standard acceptable to the policyholder, and that insurers do not unfairly penalise the homeowner or landlord who has had to make a claim on their policy.

Loss Assessing Expert

Rather than having to go it alone, Aspray’s clients can have someone putting their case forward, to achieve the best possible outcome for them and helping to ensure that their claim is not unfairly picked apart.  The property owner does not need to become an overnight expert in insurance claims and can rest assured that Aspray will do all it can to make the claim-handling process as painless as possible.

It could mean Aspray negotiating for them to have a good standard of alternative accommodation, if their home is flooded, or suffers storm, fire or other damage. It will also include ensuring that the standard of workmanship behind any repairs is of a good standard.

Additionally, Aspray loss assessors have the trained eye that can assess whether an issue such as water damage is likely to affect the fabric of the building in years to come, or cause long-term issues for electrical wiring or flooring.

In the case of a fire, they can also advise on what damage from smoke and soot may have occurred, which may not be evident to the naked eye. They focus on the invisible and the future, and not just the visible and the damage here and now.

Take the Hassle out of Making an Insurance Claim use a Loss Assessor

Another major role of a loss assessor is to help remove the hassle that making a claim often brings.  They can be the ones making calls to the insurer and hanging on the line, or the person that has to make themselves available to meet with the insurer’s representatives, the loss adjuster, rather than the property owner having to take time off work to do so.  Sadly, too few realise this option exists.

“Property owners – both domestic and commercial – are often totally unaware that there does not have to be an ‘I’ in claim,” says Aspray’s managing director, James Whittle.  “They struggle through the claims process, often failing to make their voice heard, and can sometimes be cajoled into accepting the first offer on the table from their insurer, or a less than satisfactory reinstatement of property and possessions.

“Additionally, they often forget that the loss adjuster is paid by their insurer and that his or her role is to settle the claim on behalf of the insurer.

“The third issue is that property owners confuse loss adjusters with loss assessors and perceive no difference between the two. Others don’t know where to find a loss assessor, or how to appoint one.

“Finally, they also believe that a loss assessor comes at a cost, which is not the case if you instruct Aspray.  If an Aspray client uses our trusted repairers and workmen, there is no charge for the claims management service provided.  Taking all of this into account, what we need to do is to raise awareness of what a claimant can do to get someone on their side.  This is what our, ‘Take the ‘I’ out of claim campaign is all about.”

Aspray has already negotiated property damage claim outcomes for clients, just two weeks into 2018.  It hopes its catchy campaign title will help many more property owners gain their full entitlement from their home, business or landlords’ insurance policy, as the year progresses.

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