Becoming a homeowner is an exciting and significant step life. It marks a milestone in your financial journey and offers a sense of security and pride. However, the path to homeownership is not without its challenges. Once you’ve purchased your dream home, there are many important considerations to keep in mind. Among them, obtaining the right home insurance is paramount. Home insurance should not be a box ticking exercise. Instead, it should be seen as protection for your investment. As a new homeowner, you will want to safeguard your financial future.

New Homeowners

The journey to become a homeowner

The process of buying a home can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking for first-time buyers. It typically begins with establishing your budget and securing mortgage pre-approval. Once you’ve determined your price range, you’ll start exploring properties. If all goes well, you’ll find a home that captures your heart.

The next step is making an offer, negotiating with the seller, and eventually reaching an agreement. This is often followed by an extensive legal process. This includes surveys, conveyancing, and the exchange of contracts. Finally, on completion day, you receive the keys to your new home.

The important of home insurance

Many new homeowners may rush to purchase home insurance just to meet the requirements of their mortgage lender. While this is an essential step, it’s crucial to understand that home insurance isn’t just a box to tick on your to-do list; it’s a lifeline that can save you from financial disaster.

Moving home is an expensive endeavor, with costs ranging from legal fees and stamp duty to removal services and new furnishings. With these significant expenses, the last thing you want is to be burdened with unexpected home repairs. Insufficient home insurance can leave you financially vulnerable in the event of damage to your property.

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Adequete insurance for peace of mind

You should aim for more than the minimum insurance required by your mortgage lender. Instead, be meticulous when choosing an insurance policy. Adequate home insurance should cover the cost of rebuilding your home in the event of damage or destruction. This figure, known as the rebuild value, should reflect the actual cost of rebuilding your home. Take into account factors like inflation, materials, and labor.

Choosing the right policy can be a complex task, and it’s advisable to consult with an insurance professional who can help tailor coverage to your unique needs. Check out this article for our guide on insurance policies.

Aspray: helping homeowners in times of crisis

When disaster strikes and your home is damaged, Aspray can be your guiding light. Aspray are loss assessors that specialise in assisting homeowners with their insurance claims. We have a team of experienced and qualified project managers who can manage the entire claims process on your behalf.

The process begins with a call to Aspray, where you can discuss the damage to your home and your insurance policy. Aspray will then send out an Appointed Representative to assess the extent of the damage. This is a crucial step, as an accurate assessment ensures that all necessary repairs and costs are covered by your insurance provider.

Once the assessment is complete, Aspray will present your claim to the insurance company, working tirelessly to ensure that your claim is processed efficiently. We will also manage any necessary repairs or rebuilds. Aspray is industry-renowned for providing a high-quality end product, achieving a 4.9/5 rating on Trustist.

Aspray takes the stress out of dealing with insurance claims, allowing you to focus on getting your life back to normal. Our dedicated service can save you time and energy. Furthermore, it helps ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your insurance policy. As a new homeowner, it could end up saving you money and hassle! 

Callum Homeowner

“Our first time buying together as a couple, a nice two-bedroom residential house in Clapham. Surveys came back all clear, it looked great – but we noticed our basement kept filling with water.

“Aspray were completely instrumental in helping us with our claim. They literally took care of everything from communicating with the insurer, to telling us what was and was not covered by our policy, to organising the works and carrying out the works.”

New homeowner in Clapham, London

Damage to your property? Contact Aspray

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