The UK is no stranger to the unpredictable nature of its weather, and this September is proving no different. As we brace ourselves for the arrival of Storm Agnes, the Met Office are issuing warnings of strong winds and heavy rainfall that are expected to hit the UK on Wednesday 27th September.

Storm Agnes is set to move into western areas of the UK and Ireland, making its presence known with a vengeance. The Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Steve Ramsdale, has been closely monitoring this developing weather system. Ramsdale reports that the strongest winds are most likely to batter the Irish Sea coasts, but this is no consolation for the rest of the UK, as it is predicted to be a widely windy day across the entire region.

“While the precise track and depth of Storm Agnes is still being determined,” Ramsdale states, “there’s a high likelihood of wind gusts around 50 to 60mph for some inland areas.”

The coastal regions won’t be spared either, with exposed areas potentially facing gusts of a daunting 65-75 mph, and a small but concerning chance of a few places experiencing gusts reaching up to 80mph.

Escape of Water Claim

Yellow weather warning for Storm Agnes

To prepare for the storm, a Yellow Warning for wind has been issued, covering a substantial portion of the UK. In addition, a rain warning has been issued for parts of Scotland. These warnings will continue to be monitored and updated in the coming days as meteorologists gain a clearer picture of Storm Agnes’s track and strength.

The wind warning raises concerns about potential damage to buildings from the strong wings. Power cuts could become a reality for some areas, leaving residents in the dark. Transport disruption is also likely, with the possibility of road closures and bridge shutdowns, making travel difficult.

Storm Agnes marks the first named storm of the storm naming season, which spans from September to August the following year. This naming convention is designed to raise awareness and ensure the public is well-informed about the potential impacts of significant weather events.

Storm Agnes: Aspray is here to support you

If your property falls victim to the wrath of Storm Agnes, it’s reassuring to know that Aspray is here to help. Aspray specialises in managing property damage insurance claims, ensuring that you receive the settlement you are entitled to when disaster strikes. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the claims process, from assessment to completion, ensuring that your property is restored to the way it was before the storm hit.

Storm Agnes may be brewing, but with the right preparations and support, you can weather the storm. Stay safe, stay informed, and remember that Aspray is here to lend a helping hand if your property is damaged.

Get support on your storm damage insurance claim

How we support you on a Storm claim

A member of the Aspray claims team will take some details of the property damage and details of your insurance claim if you have logged a claim. Next, our team will arrange for a Loss Assessor to visit your premises at time to suit you. 

Property damage and
repair report

Review and sign the mandate instruction authorising Aspray to manage the claim on your behalf. In addition, we will assess the property damage to determine if you have a valid insurance claim and contact your insurer to get the ball rolling.

Aspray manage your
insurance claim

From here, your Aspray Loss Assessor will deal with all communications relating to your insurance claim. Therefore, you won’t need to handle onsite meetings with necessary specialists or representatives of the insurer.

Negotiation with
your insurer

Aspray will negotiate the insurance claim to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf as quickly as possible. Having  Aspray on your side, means that we will chase and aim to progress the claim as quickly as possible. 

Settlement and
excess paid

The settlement will be agreed, and your dedicated Loss Assessor will meet with you to discuss the agreed works. They will also collect your excess payment and agree a convenient date for works to commence.

Fully vetted
contractors assigned

The appropriate contractors will be instructed to carry out the reinstatement works at your property.  Some elements of the works may be undertaken by the Loss Assessor personally. 

Project manage
the repair works

Reinstatement works will commence on the pre-agreed date, and your dedicated Loss Assessor will project manage these works to completion. Meanwhile, Aspray will update you on project timescales.

Sign off
and feedback

Your feedback and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, therefore, we will meet you onsite, where applicable, to inspect and sign off on the completed works. 

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