Securing your home against the risk of accidental fires is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. In this article, we emphasise the importance of creating an effective strategy for fire prevention. Understanding the common causes of house fires is crucial for safeguarding your rental property or family home.

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Electrical Equipment

One of the leading causes of fires in the UK is faulty electrical equipment. Simple appliances like TVs, chargers or toasters can pose a significant threat if their cords are split or frayed. Overloaded power sockets and the use of cheap extension cords amplify the risk. Light fittings that are close to material shades also pose a risk. Regularly check the condition of old lamps and ensure secure cabling.

As part of your fire prevention strategy, invest in high-quality extension cords, regularly inspect electrical appliances, and for landlords: Educate tenants about the importance of electrical safety.

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Candles, while creating a warm ambiance, can turn hazardous if not handled carefully. They are ranked as one of the top causes of fires in the UK.

Placing candles on non-flammable surfaces and using proper holders helps to alleviate risks. However, the possibility of nearby items falling into the flame remains. Make sure to extinguish candles before leaving the room or property. Educate family members or tenants about candle safety to avoid devastating accidents.

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Cooking Related Fires

Unattended cooking is a significant contributor to household fires. Deep fat fryers, overheating pans and faulty cooking equipment can lead to disaster if left unchecked. While you may not control the presence of individuals in the kitchen at all times, you can design your space to minimize risks. Install functional shelves or hangers to keep flammable items away from open flames. Further enhance kitchen safety by creating storage solutions that discourage the proximity of flammable items to cooking appliances. Taking preventive measures within the kitchen environment contributes to a safer living space.

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Portable heaters, especially old electric or gas ones, are potential fire hazards if faulty or overheating. Keeping flammable items at least a meter away from these heaters is crucial. Alternatively, consider avoiding the use of such heaters altogether. Portable electric heaters are a common cause of fires in homes across the UK, and our advice would be to simply not take the risk! However, if you can commit to regular maintenance of heating equipment, you can ensure that the equipment is suitable for use and less likely to cause a blaze.

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Smoking was banned in public places a good while back, therefore smokers then took to smoking in their homes. For this reason, cigarettes have become one of the leading causes of fires in the UK. It is imperative to educate individuals and family members about the inherent dangers and preventive measures associated with indoor smoking. Half-lit cigarettes can easily set household items ablaze. If necessary, smoke in a specific area of the home that is free from flammable materials. Never smoke in bed, or on the couch for example, if you want to reduce the risk of a fire starting from cigarettes.

Case study: Devastating Fire damage claim
expertly handled by Aspray

This property was completely destroyed by fire, and the lives of those involved have changed forever.

The Aspray service is designed to handle all communications with the insurer, instruct specialist contractors, bring the property back to its pre-loss state, and most importantly have someone by your side to guide you.

As you can see in the pictures of this video, the property was completely destroyed and required an entire rebuild apart from the external facade.

Bill Maynard stepped up, with all his years of experience, calming presence, professional skills, and immediately began to put the policyholder’s mind at ease, as best he could.

Anthony Baddeley pitched in with an in-depth understanding of property damage of this magnitude and ensured all damage was correctly accounted for.

This case study is a great example as to why we are the UK’s number one loss assessor.

Bill House Fire

“It was a horrible, horrible fire. With pretty much a house destroyed. The people in the periphery involved in the process wanted to know that somebody was there to look after the build for them, and do the professional side of it, but also to just be a nice person.

“I’ve dealt with customers who are just looking for somebody that they can call and have a chat with, almost regardless of the building work that’s going on. Just to help them through the situation they’re in.”

Bill Maynard
Luton Representative

Preventing fires: Commercial property owners and landlords

As a commercial property owner or landlord, your property must adhere to fire safety laws. These laws were updated in October 2023. For a full comprehensive breakdown of these laws, and an action of plan of ensuring your property meets all the peventative and emergency requirements, visit Manchester Fire’s Website.

Fire damage at your property? Get expert help:

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