The UK has seen some substantial flooding over the past ten years. With the met office reporting that the weather is set to get warmer and wetter due to climate change, the possibility of further flooding is almost inevitable. To counteract this, Flood Re are introducing their Build Back Better Scheme.

Build Back Better Scheme aims to reduce damage caused by flooding

Through participating insurers, Flood Re enables customers to claim up to £10,000 for resilience works over and above the cost of reinstating the flood damage to their property. Resilience methods could include, moving light switches to a higher position, fitting flood resistant doors and replacing flooring with waterproof tiling and grout.  

Future Proofing

Andy Bode, Chief Executive Officer of Flood Re says there are 5.2 million homes and businesses at risk of flooding and the Build Back Better scheme will work towards offering them some protection.

 In a recent interview, Andy Said: “It is vital to encourage and incentivise adaption among homeowners. The insurance industry has an opportunity to show its innovation and responsiveness to consumer need and to make real, tangible change. But to do so, we must throw the traditional principles of insurance to one side. This means thinking of future resilience and building back better after a flood, rather than simply returning a property to how it was before.”

Build Back Better

Aspray have seen first-hand the devastation and distress that flooding causes to families and businesses. Many of the claims can take weeks or even months to complete as properties need to be fully dried before reinstatement works can take place. There are also a number of health and safety factors which come into play as flood water could contain bacteria.

If the flooded property is only repaired to the condition it was before the incident, it is likely that damage will occur again in the future. Build Back Better aims to reduce the damage of any future flooding, reducing not only costs but the distress that flooding brings to home and business owners.


You can find out more about the Build Back Better Scheme on the Flood Re website here.

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