Robert Johnson, Claims Manager at Aspray, advises that while the cost of living crisis is causing many people to look for areas to save money, home insurance shouldn’t be one of them. 

Having adequate insurance in place for your home could save you a fortune should damage occur. Alongside the claims handling team at Aspray, Robert assists policyholders across the country with their insurance claims. These property damage insurance claims are caused by fires, floods, burst pipes and more. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out your policy does not cover the full extent of damage at your property.

“We are entering into a period of economic uncertainty, where many people are looking to organise their finances and savings. As a homeowner myself, I understand how tempting it can be to buy cheap insurance.

“Property damage can be extremely expensive to repair, especially if your entire home is destroyed. In that situation, it can be heart-breaking to learn that you will need to pay for all, or part of, the repairs yourself. You could end up in far worse financial trouble.

“My priority is to understand the type of cover you have in place. This means understanding the cause of the damage, any conditions the policy may have and level of cover it provides.

“If you think you are immune to property damage, think again! Ruptured hidden pipes, flash floods and the scary occurrence of electrical fires – all come unexpected and with devastating consequences.

“As Winter approaches, the frequency of property damage increases. If your home insurance is up for renewal, make sure you have adequate cover in place. You could use an insurance broker to get the exact cover that is right for you, and get peace of mind as the bad weather comes in.”

The cost-of-living crisis has affected everyone in some way or another, and most people are looking to reduce unnecessary spending. However, home insurance should always remain as a priority when budgeting through economic uncertainty.

Many people take out buildings insurance without carefully reviewing their policy wording. Understanding the basic terms in your policy wording will give you a greater chance of not being underinsured when making a property damage insurance claim. Terms such as: conditions, definitions, exclusions, cover and liability all make a difference at point of claim. As Robert says, an insurance broker could help to ensure that you have comprehensive cover on your property.

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