Your home is often an extension of your family

To see it damaged can cause tremendous stress and devastation. Aspray offer you a helping hand to settle your claim and reinstate your property as quickly as possible.

Damage to your home is distressing and putting it right can be a challenge. When life is busy, finding the time to speak with insurers and organise contractors, means taking time away from family or work.

What can we do for Homeowners?

Though every property damage situation is unique, Aspray can step to in to deliver an award-winning service to Homeowners by:  

Managing the claim from start to finish

Managing your entire claim

From driving forward the settlement negotiations to project managing the repairs, Aspray manage it all on your behalf. It does not matter if you live hundreds of miles away from the property, we work with remote landlords even if you own property in the UK but reside in another country.

Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent

Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent

Sometimes the property may be uninhabitable for part or all the reinstatement. Aspray may be able to assist in arranging alternative accommodation for tenants in an inconvenient situation or recovering your loss of rental income.

Help with Contents

Help with Contents

Your Aspray Loss Assessor may also be able to help with any landlord’s contents claim that may arise as a result of the property damage.

What is the Cost?

Unlike some Loss Assessors, we can manage the whole claim right through to completion and our loss assessing service is *free to the policyholder, providing we can use our vetted contractors to carry out the reinstatement works. However, any excess stated within the policy will still apply and is payable by you, the policyholder.  

If you are a VAT registered company or individual, please be aware you are responsible for paying the VAT of the settlement, however, you can claim this from HMRC on your next VAT return. 

How we help Homeowners

Assessing the Damage 

We always book a specific appointment time to visit you at your home, so that you are not sat waiting. Once you have reviewed and signed the mandate, your Aspray Loss Assessor will evaluate the damage and begin compiling a scope of works for your insurer.

Without relevant experience, most people can only make assumptions on what building works are required to return the property to its pre-loss condition. Our network is trained to check for potential damage in places you may not think to look. We also have access to a network of third-party consultants who may be called upon should your claim require a specialist report.

Dealing with your Insurer Directly 

An insurance policy is a legal contract often containing complicated terms and conditions. Our expert team understand how to interpret your policy wording, present your case correctly to your insurer, or their Loss Adjuster, and negotiate to achieve the settlement you are entitled to.

Your Loss Assessor will be your one point of contact throughout the claim, handling all paperwork, and communication, taking the time to understand your needs and keeping you updated, giving you the confidence that your best interests are being taken care of. 

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Project Managing Contractors 

Without Aspray, it is often down to you, the homeowner, to find tradespeople to complete the repairs, this puts the responsibility of checking the quality of the contractor firmly in your handsYour insurer is not responsible for poor workmanship of contractorsmeaning you would have to take any reoccurrence caused by bad workmanship up with the contractor directly. 

If your claim requires more than one contractor, you become responsible for the health and safety of the contractors whilst they work in your property under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. By instructing Aspray, we become the principal contractor for your claim reinstatement, thereby taking that responsibility away from you. We would manage the health and safety of contractors when they are working in your property on your behalf. 

We are committed to customer satisfaction therefore no claim is complete until you sign to say you are happy with the reinstatement works.

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