A bleak winter is ahead if many of the news outlets are to be believed. Reports have flooded in following a ‘worst case scenario’ warning from the National Grid. Deliberate three-hour power cuts could be put into place over the winter period if gas supplies run low.

If these extreme measures are needed, customers will be given only a day’s notice. Being prepared will be crucial to not being left completely in the dark.

how to prepare for a power cut

Bad Weather

Even if supply doesn’t fall short, power cuts still happen from time to time. Last winter, Storm Arwen caused the biggest disruption to power supply since 2005, with some homes left without power for more than a week.

The weather in recent years has been massively unpredictable, however, you can sign up for storm alerts in your area via the met office here.

Preparing for a Power Cut

As winter draws in, here are a few things to have prepared in case of a power cut:

  • Keep a torch in a handy place and ensure the batteries are in working order. Have spare ones to hand if they are needed.
  • Put a list of emergency contact information in a safe place. This should include friends and family, your GP, and any utility companies you may need to contact.
  • Charge equipment regularly, such as mobile phones. This is especially important for any medical equipment that may be needed. You should check that any essential medical equipment has a battery ‘back-up’.
  • Have a battery powered radio to hand. This may come in useful to keep up to date on the situation.
  • Keeping warm may be a concern during a power cut. Leave some warm clothes and blankets in an accessible place.

If you experience an unexpected power cut in your area, report it straight away. You can do this by calling the national grid on 0800 6783 105 or online at https://www.nationalgrid.co.uk/power-cut-information.

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