You’ve submitted your claim to the insurer following damage to your home and now they’ve appointed a Loss Adjuster. If this is the first time you’ve made a claim, you may be wondering what Loss Adjusters do and how they may impact your claim outcome.

Dealing with Loss Adjusters

Who are Loss Adjusters?

Loss Adjusters are insurance professionals appointed by our insurance company to manage the claim on their behalf. Your appointed loss adjuster will arrange a time to visit your property, assess the damage and arrange a settlement.

Many loss adjusters have the authority to establish the liability of the claim and agree to the settlement on behalf of the insurer.

Tips, Tricks & Negotiation Tactics

If your insurer advises that a Loss Adjuster has been appointed for your claim, there are a few things that you can do to smooth the process.


Take Detailed Photographs and Videos

If you are able, ensure you take as many photos and video clips of the damage, and it’s cause as you possibly can. These will be useful in identifying the peril and supporting your claim.


Make a list of lost or damaged items

Compile a detailed inventory of any items that are damaged or missing. If you are able, get together any receipts you have for the items ready for the meeting. Unless it is necessary, do not throw any items away until the Loss Adjuster has seen them.


Prepare documentation

Alongside any receipts you have, it is best to have your insurance documentation and any correspondence you have had with the insurer prior to the meeting. Depending on the nature of your claim, the documentation may also include police reports, photos of the damage and repair quotes.


Keep Notes and Get Clarification

Throughout the meeting, take notes of the main points discussed. Loss Adjusters are insurance professionals and from time to time may use insurance ‘jargon’. Be sure to ask for clarification on any terms that you do not fully understand.


Be present at the meeting

This can sometimes be difficult with other commitments, however, it is important for you, the policyholder, to be at the meeting. During the meeting, you may be able to provide further information regarding the damage and can ensure that the Loss Adjuster notes all the damage that has occurred.


Ask about the next steps

When the meeting is drawing to a close, be sure to ask your Loss Adjuster what the next steps will be and if they can provide an approximate timeframe. Understanding the timeline will help you to manage your expectations accordingly and follow up appropriately.


Follow Up

After the meeting with the Loss Adjuster, keep in touch with them to stay updated on your claims progress.


Consider Hiring a Professional

It can take much patience and perseverance to manage an insurance claim through to completion. At times, often out of the Loss Adjuster’s control, there may be delays and changes to the timeframes.

Hiring a Loss Assessor, such as Aspray, can allow you to have an insurance professional working on your behalf.  Someone who can meet with the Loss Adjuster and talks their language. The Loss Assessor can scope the damage, ensuring that nothing is missed and negotiate a fair settlement directly with the Loss Adjuster on your behalf.

The added benefit of using Aspray is that we also project manage the reinstatement works using our vetted and trusted contractors. It really does take the whole claim off your hands.

Need to make an insurance claim for damage to your property? Contact Aspray

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