When making a claim on your building’s insurance for damage to your property, a Loss Adjuster may meet with you. A Loss Adjuster is a representative of your insurance company, and their role is to validate your insurance claim.  

Once a claim has been logged, a Loss Adjuster will most likely visit your property. Their objective is to assess and quantify the damage to your property and confirm that the damage has been caused by an insured event.  


Should I be worried if a Loss Adjuster is sent to my property?

There is no cause for alarm if a Loss Adjuster is sent to visit your property. Their role is to report on the extent of liability your insurance company has under the terms of your policy, confirm that you have the correct level of cover in place and no conditions have been breached.

Who pays for the Loss Adjuster?

Loss Adjusters are paid for by your insurance company as part of the overall claim itself.

Are Loss Adjusters fair?

Many policyholders have a limited understanding of building structure and insurance terminology, therefore meeting a Loss Adjuster can seem daunting. Additionally, the fact that a Loss Adjuster is paid for by the insurance company may also worry some people. However, Loss Adjusters who operate in the UK follow codes of conduct set out by The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, The Association of British Insurers, and the General Insurance Standards Council.

These codes of conduct are in place to ensure that Loss Adjusters carry out their role fairly.

Appointing a Loss Assessor

Loss Adjusters represent your insurance company. In a potentially stressful situation, many policyholders would prefer to have their own representative on their insurance claim. A Loss Assessor represents your interests on a claim. They will seek to ensure you completely understand the claim process, and that the Loss Adjusters report features the full extent of the damage at your property.

There is no valid reason why a Loss Adjuster would deter you from hiring your own representation on your claim. Aspray work with many Loss Adjusters who appreciate the involvement of a fellow professional on a claim.

Get in touch with Aspray

Aspray have been managing buildings insurance claims caused by fire, flood, storm, impact and escape of water since 2005. We are industry renown for our customer service and have helped thousands of policyholders get the settlement they are entitled to in relation to their insurance policy. If you are making a claim and are unsure of the next steps in the process, it could be beneficial to have your own representation.

Aspray’s service also includes the reinstatement of your property back to its pre-loss condition. You don’t even need to think about the hassle of sourcing reliable contractors, Aspray has this covered too.

Our goal as Loss Assessors is to work with your insurers appointed Loss Adjuster to get a fair settlement in place and to reinstate your property. We aim to shoulder as much of the burden that property damage brings, as possible. Allowing you to get back to other priorities in life as best you can.

Case Study: Fire Damage Insurance Claim

This policyholder was dealing with a particularly complex and stressful fire damage claim. Although the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster was helpful, the claim was slow to get moving. Additionally, not being an expert in property damage, the policyholder did not understand the full extent of damage that the fire had caused at his property. Upon hiring Aspray, the claim began to move a lot quicker, and the policyholder could rest assured that every detail of the damage was accounted for.

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